Stream Torrents on Android [ No Need To Download ]


All those people we love to download movies through torrents, I have a piece of good news for them, now you can easily Stream Torrents on Android devices. Without waiting and downloading.

Stream Torrents on Android

We all know how Torrents work and there are a number of Android Torrent downloaders apps. However, the matter of fact is, they all allow you to download Torrents on your devices. But none of them allows you to stream Torrents on Android.

That was all in the past, now we can easily stream Torrents on our Android devices using an app called, xTorrent. In the past, in order to stream any Torrent movies, we required a Torrent Video Player. Otherwise, we were unable to stream but with the help of xTorrent, we can stream movies and other files. The best part about xTorrent is that you don’t have to wait for the downloading to be completed.

xTorrent will download a chunk of the movie, compile it and let you start watching. As you keep on streaming, xTorrent will work in the background and keep on downloading your movie.

Now the main part, how you can use xTorrent on your Android device. Don’t worry we have got you covered. Heed the instructions below in order to learn how to Stream Torrents on Android. But before that let me shed some light on the main features of the xTorrent Android app.


xTorrent is a free Android App and you can download it from Google Play. Workings of xTorrent is pretty simple, it uses maximum bandwidth of your Mobile data or WiFi connection. Once it gets all the Juice, xTorrent starts downloading and compiling videos for you.

In order to get the best results please choose the Torrent with maximum seeds and peers. Moreover, xTorrent has its own in-built browser and through that, you can easily get the magnet links of any Torrent you want to stream.

Other than that, there are a few more features that I would like to mention. Since I am using xTorrent on my Android device and it works pretty great. These features are worth a shout out.

  • You can add both magnet or .torrent file.
  • It’s up to you, you can adjust download and upload speed.
  • xTorrent supports all the video players.
  • You can easily manage all the files you have downloaded.
  • Pause option is available.
  • Once you’ve streamed a file you can easily delete it.

That’s all for the features now. Let’s tell you how to use xTorrent and Stream Torrent on Android devices.

Download xTorrent for Android Devices:

You can download the xTorrent app on your Android devices free from Google Play. If for some reasons you cannot find the xTorrent app on Google Play. Use the following links to download it.

Stream Torrents on Android with xTorrent:

  • Once you have downloaded the xTorrnet on your Android device. Launch the App.

Stream Torrents on Android

  • Now head over to the browser and copy the magnet link of the torrent file you want to stream on your Android.

Stream Torrents on Android

  • Tap on the Plus icon and you will see two options. Select Add from URL or magnet.
  • A pop-up will appear, tap on paste button and your link will be added.

  • Give it a sec or two to process the video file. Once processing is completed, you will see the file size and other options. Tap on Stream.

  • When you will tap on stream a new pop-up will show up. Select the file you want to stream and tap on it.

Stream Torrents on Android

  • That will be all, your downloading will be started and once it does wait for a minute and then tap on Play.

Stream Torrents on Android

This is how you canĀ Stream Torrents on Android devices. Please do try this and let me know how was your experience.

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