How To Stream Fox News [ Without Subscription ]


Today, I will share with you all a simple trick through which you can Stream Fox News for free. Not only Fox news, but you can also use the following instructions to stream CNN, MSNBC and more with Subscription or cable.

Stream Fox News

If you watch news then you are well aware of the fact that Fox News is in the top three most-watched news channel in the US. If you don’t believe me, Google it. Now back to the main point, whenever you try to stream Fox News, you will be asked to provide your login.

The login details of your cable connection or subscription, that was provided you from your service provider. You can try streaming devices such as Fire TV Stick, Kodi, Roku, Android TV Box and more. But always you will be asked to provide your login credentials. Moreover, if you even use the Fox News apps, still login is required.

If you use Kodi, you will tons of apps & Add-ons which will allow you to watch Fox News streaming. But the only downside to Kodi is the buffering. You cannot Stream Fox News on Kodi without buffering. Instead of going for Kodi, in this post, I am using YouTube.

Don’t be shocked, You can use YouTube to watch the live stream of Fox news for free. There is no login required or cable and subscription. All you have to do is follow on the instructions provided below.

You will be wondering why YouTube? The one and the only reason I can give you, YouTube app is available for all the platforms. Now let’s get started now.

How To Stream Fox News [ Without Subscription ]:

Stream Fox News

Step1: Download and Install YouTube app on your streaming device, smartphone or tablet. If you already have, skip this step. I am using my smartphone in this method.

Step2: Install a VPN app on your device, I am using Nord VPN but I have some suggestions for you. You can try UltraSurf VPN, VPN Master, Yoga VPN, and Turbo VPN.

Step3: Now launch the VPN app and select the country like the United States. Open the YouTube app and type in Fox News Live, Hit enter. You will be provided with a number of free live streams of Fox news. Choose the one you like.

Step4: Make sure you have selected the United States while using the VPN. However, if you don’t want to use any VPN, you can just open the Youtube app and type in Fox News Live. You can watch free Fox news.

That’s all.

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