SIM Unlock Sprint LG G Flex LS995 and LG G2 LS980[How To Guide]

Carrier or Network Locked phones are cheap and easy to get, you have the power to pay in installments for your device and you can even upgrade your device by paying the additional amount. It is easy to get a SIM-locked device, but if you are not happy with the services of operator or you want to try a different SIM on it, you have to pay heavy price to unlock your device or break the contract. Why most people hate the SIM-locked device is because of the reason that they have to pay to unlock it, but in this modern era, everything is possible, even unlocking a SIM-locked device without paying.


Especially in the world of Android, where people often rely on Custom Mods to solve their problems. Getting their device unlocked is one of the most desired things that a user of a locked device can ask for. Today we will show you how to SIM Unlock both Sprint LG G Flex LS995 and LG G2 LS980XDA member ysabxe has found a way to Unlock both of these devices with a simple tutorial, give it a try and you will be using SIM-Unlocked LG G Flex and LG G2.


Your device must be running Stock Firmware.

Download LG USB Drivers

Your Device must be Rooted

Download SIM unlock tool: Link | Mirror

Install Root Browse on your device

How To Unlock LG G2 LS980

  • Connect LG G2 with PC using original Data cable.
  • Extract the Sim, open the folder and Run the TC Shortcut.


  • When the program is open, click Network > ABD > Your device
  • Copy the folder named Property and apns-conf.xml to your device
  • Open Root Browser and copy the Property Folder to a folder named /carrier/ on your device
  • Fix the permissions to rw-r-r for the newly copied files, if you are new to Permissions, visit the Article to find out more: Set/Fix Permissions On Android Devices
  • Then copy and replace the apns-conf.xml file to /etc/ folder in Root Browser
  • When you are done, exit root browser and Reboot your device.

Now try to use a Different SIM card to verify the results.

Update: After unlocking your Sprint LG G2 or Sprint LG G Flex, you might not be able to use SIM cards from some US operators.

Source: XDA



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