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Android has taken an initiative to form a bridge between smartphones and digital cameras. As the high-end DSLRs are now being incorporated with Wi-Fi,  and with help of this app you can share photos, save them and much more, just by connecting it with the device. Smart Camera app allows you to use your device as a view finder, with things like Samsung NX30 digital camera. You can use any phone that supports Android to download this app from Playstore and connect it to the digital camera.

 Samsung SMART CAMERA App apk

Initiating the connection between your device and camera is very simple. Now-a-days, digital cameras come with a built-in Wi-Fi option. Once you select the Wi-Fi option from your camera, you can tap the back of your NFC enabled smartphone to the NFC area of the camera.

The app looks like this:

On the top left is the settings mode whereas the bottom left icon is used to shift between the primary and secondary cameras of your device. On the right side is the ‘Mode’ icon from where you can choose different available modes for your shot.


There are several cool connectivity features that you can use.

  • Baby monitor
  1. This feature is very handy is you are shooting something by yourself. This feature allows you to frame the shot correctly. You have a few different options as well that can be used.
  2. It has different modes which you can shift before capturing a shot like Auto, programmed, App picture priority, shutter speed priority and full Manual control.
  3. Furthermore, in manual mode, you have a host of various options as well. You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc, depending on your choice. You can adjust white balance from Auto to Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent and many more.
  4. You can also adjust light source, metering, focus, touch focus, picture quality and even the video recording mode settings like video length. You can even set up a timer with the app.
  • Storage
  1. You can also choose where you wish to store your photos. They can be stored in smartphone and camera at the same time.
  2. The app supports real time changes.
  • MobileLink

This mode allows you to connect your smartphone to your camera and copy captured photos from the camera to smartphone.

Samsung SMART CAMERA App apk

  • AutoShare
  1. When you have captured your perfect shot, the autoshare will help you share it with your friends instantly.
  2. Another use of the app is that you can launch a trio of the Smart camera app by using Autoshare, mobilelink and remote view finder with a single click.

We have found this app, very handy and as per me, I like capturing photos myself and it helps me a lot to frame a shot without anyone’s assistance.  The app is compatible with all the cameras manufactured in 2003 or later and Android phones with O.S 3.0 or later.

Download Samsung SMART CAMERA App apk

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