Samsung Galaxy S8 to have a 6GB RAM variant?


Samsung‘s flagships are always the fodder for rumor mills, with tech pundits to fans discussing what features and specs the new device will have. With the launch date for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ set for the end of next month, leaks and rumors related to the device are rampant. To date we have seen renders, leaked images and different cases for the device leak. A new image which popped up at Weibo suggests that Galaxy S8 will have a 6GB RAM variant.

The leaked images show the rear panel of the device with the Samsung branding. We can see the logo for the device, Galaxy S8 with a smaller numeric 6 in a square box. With the RAM being the only possibility for the 6 number, we can assume that the given number refers to that. At times companies do mark how the variants are different through the logo. Below the logo we can see the standard code number along with ‘Made in Vietnam’ tag. Samsung has a manufacturing plant in Vietnam, so let’s distill this theory that the company does not produce smartphones there.

According to earlier information Samsung for Galaxy S8 will be making use of a 4GB RAM. A few days back a report suggested that Samsung will indeed bring a 6GB RAM variant for Galaxy S8, but it will be limited to Asian markets as they want to compete with other brands who are using this RAM configuration. So, in a way this leaked image confirms the existence of such a variant in works. But there is one thing that we have to keep in mind regarding any leaks, that we cannot confirm the extent to which it may be true. So, take this information with a pinch of salt as there will be tons of rumors popping up in the coming days.

Galaxy S8 Render