Retrica The Best Way To Take Selfies [ Download apk ]


Capturing selfies has become quite popular in recent times. No matter where you are, you can immediately take your photo with the perfect background and without any assistance, but selfies do not always turn out to be perfect. We often face light issues, background issues, etc. Well Retrica is here, that helps you take best selfies with amazing photo filters which will produce outstanding photos of your beautiful day in town, dinner with friends or a climb to the mountain top. For those who are using low end device they also can you Retrica, just download the Retrica apk file in the end.

 Retrica apk

Retrica was first designed for iOS users and became very popular among them. Now the app is available for android users as well. The app’s incredible features include photo filters, borders, 14 awesome Retrica logos, layouts, out-of-focus blur and many more.

When after  launching the app, you will see various options on the screen along with the camera.

Camera view:

You can click a photo by using the front camera as well as rear camera by tapping the camera icon on the top right of the screen.


On the bottom of the screen, five icons can be seen. These icons can be used to select settings such as for selecting various photo grids and patterns for the photo collages, to produce dark edges, focus blur, Out-of-focus blur and interesting borders. The app gives you 22 different collage layers to work on.

The app comes with a self timer for a better shot. The timer is adjustable and makes photo clicking much easier. You can adjust the time and interval of the self timer.


On the bottom right of the screen is the photo filters icon. The app provides almost 80 different types of professionally designed vintage photo filters, vignette effects and out-of-focus blur, etc. All these features help to bring out the best selfie shots for you.

The app allows you to take several photos shots to make a creative collage work and gives you the option to apply filters before or after taking a shot. The Out-of-focus blur option is very useful while taking a selfie as it blurs the background and focuses on your perfect portrait.

retrica apk fileRetrica The Best Way To Take Selfies

Though the app still has some features missing like flash. But overall, we think this is a very good app and worth downloading especially if you love to take photos without any assistance. The app has introduced best filters and features like self timer also help to produced best photos ever.

The app requires Android 2.2 or later and can be downloaded from Android playstore for free. You can download Retrica apk file for your lower end devices. [ Download Retrica apk ]