Remove Bloatware From Any Android Device With NoBloat [How To – Guide]

You must have heard of this word “Bloatware” while flashing new custom ROM, some are bloatware free, and sometimes you come across some bloatware removers. Basically, Bloatware is the bundle of stock applications installed by the manufacturers, that is region specific or installed by different carriers like At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon and others in order to add an exclusive touch of their company to the carrier branded phones.

These applications are called bloatware because they eat up a lot of memory, that may be consumed by something important on the smartphone, or that memory may be availed by some data to be stored on the device. Bloatware applications can sometimes slow down the performance and speed of your Android smartphone.

The reason why some people prefer using custom ROMs is, custom ROMs do not contain any useless application or any bloatware. But custom ROMs, at times, are not the choice to go with, especially when you’re not an Android freak and you’ve no good idea of using a custom ROM and also, custom ROMs have a maximum chance of bugs and may not be kept for everyday’s use.

In this case, the only solution left around is, removing bloatware applications from the stock firmware of your device. There has been a number of methods available over different forums to remove bloatware, but all these methods were either device specific or manufacturer specific. A universal method is what everyone will comfortable with, and something similar has landed in the Google Play Store.


NoBloat by TVK Development is a very nice application, that gives the users an option to delete the default/stock installed applications from any Android smartphone. The app requires root access, once granted, it allows the users to select and delete bloatware. The option that appears to be cool in this application is, it creates a backup of the pre-installed apps on your phone’s SDcard and then deletes it.

Now, this is quite helpful, sometimes if you delete some system apps, it may cause problems with the proper functioning of your device and you may get force close errors after specific intervals of time. In this case, restoring the application from backup can be proven of real help, otherwise, if you don’t have the backup, you may have to flash a new stock firmware in your device.

Another option in the application is simply disabling the bloatware applications, you may just refrain the applications from working instead of deleting the applications straight away. This can definitely free up a lot of storage occupied by unused data on your Android device and boost up your device’s performance. NoBloat’s free version comes with limited options, but there’s a paid version as well that enhances the functionality of the device at its best. Let’s move forward now.

Remove Bloatware From Any Android Device With NoBloat [How To – Guide]

  1. Make sure that your device is rooted.
  2. Install NoBloat Free from Google Play Store.
  3. Identify bloatware apps on your device first.
  4. Now open NoBloat from the app drawer.
  5. Select the bloatware applications that you want to get rid off from.
  6. Make sure that you do not select any such application that’s being used by the system. For example, launcher, camera, gallery or any other system application.
  7. Backup the applications.
  8. Delete or disable the applications.
  9. Your device should be working perfectly great now.
  10. That’s All!


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