Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV 2019


If you happen to own NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 then you are well aware of their new remote. They have redesigned their remoter and added a number of new features along with a dedicated button for Netflix. Press that button and NVIDIA Shield TV will load up the Netflix app. So, it isn’t obvious that we want to remap it, this is what we do, even on smartphones. So, In this guide, I will tell you how to Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV 2019.

Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV

Before we proceed, let me clear one thing. There is no direct option to Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV. So, in order to do so, we will require a third-party app. Moreover, I am not sure you noticed or not, NVIDIA Shield TV has already given you a customizable button. The one with the quick settings, you can easily remap using settings.

Now after that you still want to remap the Netflix button, follow the instructions below.

Remap Quick Settings Buttons:

1: Head over to the Settings page. You can access Settings by click on the gear icon located on the top right corner.

2: Scroll down and click on the Remote & Accessories option.

3: On the next screen click on Customize Settings button.

4: You will be presented with a number of options on the next screen. Choose carefully what you to want to do with the quick settings button.

5: I want to open an app using the quick settings button. So I selected Open an App -> Next I choose the app from the list.

That’s it. Now every time I press the quick settings button, the app I selected in the settings will open up. Now you know how you can remap the Quick Settings button, it’s time tell you how to Remap Netflix Buttons.

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Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV 2019:

In this method, I will be using a third-party app to remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV. Moreover, using the same app you can remap any button you want.

  1. First, you need to install the Button mapper app from Google Play. Don’t need to do anything, just tell the assistant to install the Button mapper app.
  2. Once installed, launch the app on your NVIDIA Shield TV. Now before we start doing anything, you need to do one more thing.
  3. Head over to the Settings -> Device Preferences -> Accessibility -> Button Mapper -> Turn it on.
  4. Now head back to the Button Mapper app. There you will see a number of actions that you can assign to the NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 remoter buttons.
  5. Click on Add Buttons. Now the app will ask you to press the button you want to remap. In our case press Netflix Button.
  6. Upon pressing the button, a new button is added. On the next screen enable Customize toggle switch -> assign an action.

That’s it. But before you all fired up that you did remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV. There is one drawback using the Button Mapper, it does remap buttons but it cannot override the original function. for e.g, You have remapped the Netflix button and added the YouTube app as an action. Now when you press that button, it will open the Netflix first and then after that, it will also open the YouTube app.

So, now you know everything. Let me know what you think and how well did it go for you?

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