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Download PicsArt apk for Android low end devices. PicsArt is not only an editing app for the photos but also a social networking app for picture sharing and photo artists, where they can edit and share their creations with artists from all around the world. It is the fastest growing app in this category with over 100 million users. The app is as good as a professional photo editor yet designed with a simple user interface so that you can easily get started as soon as you download the app.

 PicsArt apk

Get Started

When you open the app, you will see Home as the first page.

Home has all the options available for editing images. It is the place where everyone becomes an artist.


  • You can directly click a beautiful scene from the camera and upload it in the app to make it prettier.


  • You can also edit previously shot photos from different places. If you tap the ‘Photo’ icon, you will be given various options to choose from i.e. Gallery, Facebook, Dropbox, Google+, Flicker, etc.
  • Choose the album where the photo that needs to be edited resides.
  • The app gives you so many options to manipulate pictures in different ways. You can use basic editing, add borders, effects as well as draw over the pictures and make collages


  • The app helps you create amazing collages that reflects different memories in a single frame.
  • You can choose photos from Facebook, Dropbox, Flicker, etc and start making the beautiful collage instantly. The collages can be created in different grid patterns, add borders and frames of various colors and designs.


Many creative effects can be added to your photos. PicsArt enables you to add effects faster and has a number of options. You can adjust hue of the masks to perfectly match the photo, change Contrast and add dodger to your images, fade your photos and add other effects like vintage, tint, cross process, twilight, vignette, etc.


  • If you tap the draw icon, you will be able to sketch whatever you want to. You can draw on your photos, on the background of the photos or on a blank page. Make colorful artwork choosing various colors from the color palette.
  • You can also add texts to the photos.


  • If you navigate left from Home, you will come to the page named as ME. This is where you can log in through different accounts using Google+, Facebook, Twitter or you can make another account on PicsArt.
  • On navigating right from Home, you will be able to see Interesting, My Network, Recent, Contests, Tags and Artists.
  • You can see artwork of various artists, follow them, like and comment on their creations.
  • PicsArt is a complex photo editor with more features than any other app. Its easy to use and the users seem to be quite satisfied as well.

Download PicsArt Apk for your Android devices.