More Specifications About Nexus 5, Leaked.

While all other Smartphone companies are engaged in an all out war, Google is still waiting to drop an Airstrike on them and if you have played COD or Battle Field, you know that the best place for a strike is where there are a lot of enemies. Judging from the Past, Google is doing the same thing, wait for all other to release their Flagship devices, then from nowhere jut release a Cheap Nexus device which can be compared with all the other expensive Flagship devices.


The release date of Nexus 5 is getting close and close and as usual rumours are getting hot and hot. Readers all around globe wants to hear about Nexus 5, so they can understand what they are going against, whether they should buy it or not. Let’s round-up a good summary of all the rumours so you can finalize your decision.

Nexus 5 camera:

One of the best thing that i found in this set is its camera, Nexus 5 will be powered by, either a 13-MP camera or 16-MP Rear camera, a 3-MP front camera. The best thing, Nikon team will design the camera of Nexus 5, let’s hope that they put a good Sensor Size, so it can beat Nokia 808 or Lumia 102o.

Processor, Display and Resolution:

Nexus 5 will said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz. Way more than needed for Android 4.4 kit kat, there won’t be any chance of Lag. The resolution according to 16-MP source, it will be 720p, and according to every other source it will a full HD 1080p resolution. The display will either be a IPS-LCD or a Super AMOLED.

Nexus 5 Price & OS:

Like Nexus 4, the low storage model will bear the price tag of $299 and higher one will cost $349. further reduction is possible through carrier and Contract. The primary OS is ofcourse Android, but the oroblem is which version? Depeding upon the conditions, it will either be Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or it will be Android 4,4 Kit Kat.

The release date is said to be 14 october, if it is then we are only 17-days away from the release of possibly the fastest smartphone of this year, stay tuned to know more because who knows what happen next.

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