More Google Secrets To Try Out.


If you have only been using Google to search for desired topics but never searched for the entertainment Google can give you itself , then you have only wasted your time there. There are many tricks Google can do for you ,and if you can, confuses your friends for you. Last time we only posted a little bit of Google Tricks and the other little bit are being posted this time. Get ready to learn more about Google right after this break.






1. Get To Mordor Using Google Maps.

For all the Lord Of The Rings fans, if you want to get to Mordor but don’t know where to start, do not worry good Google is here to save you. Just open the Maps or just search in the bar “How To Get To Mordor” and get the direction to get to infamous Mordor along with a very familiar warning.



Ever wanted to see your name instead of Google? Now you can, just Visit and write your name in the bar and see your name as Google Logo.



3. Let Me Google That For You.

For all your lazy friends who can’t even Google something for the answers, this is the exact thing for them. Just Open and type anything in the box or just share the URL with them.


4. Google Guitar

Open the Link and play that Guitar which Google commemorated guitar genius Les Paul in 2009.

Screenshot_95. Google Pac-Man

In 2010, Pac-Man celebrated it’s 30th anniversary and Google also want’s to take part in it, Google brought the popular 80s game back. The developers stayed true to the 8-bit masterpiece, even recreating its original bugs. If you still want to play it follow the above link and start playing. Insert a coin and use arrow keys to control the Pac-Man.

Screenshot_106. Atari Breakout

Just like Pac-Man 2013 was the 30th anniversary of Atari Breakout and like Pac-Man Google’s logo was transformed into Atari Breakout.



7. Do A Barrel Roll.

Now there is something that will freak out someone who accidentally tries it. Type “do a barrel roll” and watch your Google page doing the barrel roll for you.


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