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Mobile Marketing has been trending since 2000 and plays a vital role in promoting goods, services, ideas and brands to the customers. In today’s age, every person carries a cell phone with him and SMS are noted to be received and read in real time. This strategy is used by the latest marketing companies to provide information and brand awareness among people and has been very successful.


With the increasing popularity and usage of smart phones, app developers have set a ground for marketing by introducing apps that use the mobile marketing strategy. The apps are used as marketing resource to promote a brand, engaging target customers and also include payments along with advertising a service.

Let’s have a look at what makes Mobile marketing or marketing through SMS so successful.

  • It guarantees instant deliverability. Messages are sent and received within seconds.
  • SMS marketing is customizable as it can be molded in every possible way according to the requirement and can be sent to a list and thousands of people quite easily.
  • Almost every SMS is opened and read instantly within a span of 4 minutes on average.
  • It makes a direct connection with the customer unlike emails where there is a chance that your email is marked as spam.
  • Short codes are used with 160 characters; information is given to the point without beating about the bush and nagging the customers.

To summarise the whole point, mobile marketing is cheap, easy and reliable and has a high open rate. Here are some of the apps that can used for using mobile marketing to promote your brand, idea or service. We have gathered the most easily usable and affordable apps for that matter.

Top 10 Mobile SMS Text Messaging Services for Marketing:


Signal contributes a lot in managing all your business contacts in one database and ensures sending personal message notifications in real time. You can start up your text messaging campaigns, easily create and schedule them. Plus, you can have a free trial before opting for paid plans.


Fanminder is one of the fastest growing merchant services in US and Canada working since 1996. They help you start sms marketing campaigns, grow your customers and create coupons and sales. It is affordable with having able to text to 100 numbers for free and $15/month above that.


TellMyCell can be used for sms campaigns that require the customers to send in texts with keywords to avail a service. The pricing starts from as low as 5cents/message and free incoming messages. They also offer bulk discounts. You can maintain unlimited contacts and unlimited groups.


Trumpia let’s you make your personalized text messages that are relevant and are less likely to be thrown in trash. You can generate text alerts, coupons and loyalty programs and also maintain your existing customer database and grow it by adding new ones. It is affordable starting from $25/month coming with a 30-day free trial.

Simple Texting:

Simple Texting is used to generate your short codes and keywords. You can schedule texts, voting campaigns and auto responders lessening your time effort and time.You can also include tiny links and images to the messages. The plan starts from $15/month and comes with a 30-day free trial.


Call fire lets you create IVR (interactive voice response) along with messages. Their plans are flexibile and affordable with no monthly or setup fee and as low as 5 cents per message.


Snapgiant helps you create personalized marketing messages, short codes, bulk sms and more. Their plan starts from $19 per month; all incoming messages are free, you only pay for the outgoing messages and unused messages are transferred to the next month.


Mozeo comes with no monthly fee. You are charged for the outgoing messages, all incoming messages are free. You can get short codes or auto responders for effective marketing and your customer database is kept safe. Mozeo charges 3cents per message.

The above mentioned services require you pay some amount to them or purchase their monthly plans and offer good marketing of your brand, service or idea in return.

However, if you want to opt for some less expensive methods for mobile marketing you can go for any of the services mentioned below.


GroupMe is a free of cost service where you can create groups of people i.e customers and send group messages to them. GroupMe is currently available in US only.


Go SMS is another free app developed by GO dev Team that you can use to generate free SMS, scheduled SMS, auto reply, etc. The app can be used for dual-SIM as well.

KIK Messenger:

KIK messenger is one of the fastest growing messaging app. It is absolutely free and can send instant messages to a number of people in real time.

Jaxtr SMS:

Jaxtr is a convenient messaging app where if you text to a Jaxtr user it will be free of cost whereas low and affordable sms rates apply to other numbers. The app makes international messaging pretty easy. The messages go directly to the SMS inbox.

If you are looking for a way to include mobile marketing as a part of your customer communications then you may want to try any of the above mentioned platforms. They are affordable, flexible and guarantee customer engagement by sending real time messages, using tools like short codes and auto-reply. You will be able to track your customers, maintain their data base and much more with as low cost as you can wish.

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