Download Magisk v17.1: Support for Galaxy Note 9


Magisk, the famous systemless interface and root solution has been updated to v17.1. The new version of Magisk brings some exciting features. Magisk has successfully become the primary choice for Android users to root their smartphone. This is because of Magisk’s extended features that put the Android users at maximum ease. You can download Magisk v17.1 from the following links.

Download Magisk v17.1

This latest update supports Android 9.0 Pie. Moreover, Magisk v17.1 also supports old versions. Although this is the latest version and the interesting fact is that, it allows users to root devices running. Magisk was developed by XDA Recognised Developer Topjohnwu. The interface is very well maintained and has been receiving consistent updates since the day it was created. Before we proceed let me tell you the why Magisk is better than SuperSU.


SuperSU and Magisk in 2018:

So, as of writing this post, there are two most popular root solutions i.e. Magisk and SuperSU. Since the birth of Magisk, a huge number of users have opted for it and they are not relying on SuperSU anymore. So, if you are going to root your Android phone for the first time, the only question that’s going to tickle your mind is what script you should use. This is where you have to see Magisk vs SuperSU comparison. The answer to this question is really simple and I will just list a few points to explain it. Read more.

Modified system back in the day, Systemless root came later on.Systemless Root
SuperSU - Limited ControlMagisk Manager - Extended control over root behviour
Only roots the phone and does nothing else.Magisk Modules - Install thousands of Modules to modify your phone on the go.
Acquired by Chinese Company called CCMTBeing run by topjohnwu and a number of Android enthusiasts
Bypassed SafetyNet after Suhide release, it took a lot of time.Bypassed SafteyNet with its initial release.
Closed SourceOpen Source- Updated very frequently

Magisk 17.1 (Stable) – Changelog:

  • Bring back install to inactive slot for OTAs on A/B devices
  • Remove system based root in addon.d
  • Add proper addon.d-v2 for preserving Magisk on custom ROMs on A/B devices
  • Enable KEEPVERITY when the device is using system_root_image
  • Add hexpatch to remove Samsung defex in new Oreo kernels
  • Support non ext4 filesystems for mirrors (system/vendor)
  • Make pts sockets always run in dev_pts secontext, providing all terminal emulator root shell the same power as adb shells
  • Kill all processes with same UID of the target to workaround OOS embryo optimization
  • Move all sepolicy patches pre-init to prevent Pixel 2 (XL) boot service breakdown

Magisk v17.1 Highlights:

  • Open Source:

100% open source and easy to build on all Google supported platforms.

  • Magic Mount:

Modify system (vendor) without tampering the partitions.

  • MagiskSU:

Unleash your device’s root access.

  • MagiskHide:

Hide Magisk from detections: Google SafetyNet, enterprise / bank system integrity checks, game tamper checks.

  • Resetprop:

Modify or delete any system properties, including read-only props.

  • Online Module Repo:

Install Magisk Modules from the community driven Magisk Module Repo.

Download Magisk 17.1 (Stable):

Use the following links to download the stable version of Magisk 17.1 from the following links.

Download Magisk Stable Version
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