Top Free Live Sports Streaming Apps to Watch Live Sports


Following are the Top Free Live Sports Streaming Apps to Watch Live Sports. If you ask me What is the best Android feature which makes it better than iOS. I would say the option to install 3rd party Apps, iOS users can enjoy such perks. You cannot install third-party apps on iOS without Jailbreak. Moreover, you need to give out your credentials in order to sideload apps on iOS.

This is the main reason why Android is the most used smartphone OS. Allowing third-party installation on Android made things easier for developers. There are many extraordinary apps which are created by independent developers. Among these apps, there are Online Streaming Apps which allows you to watch live sports on Android devices.

Live Sports Streaming Apps

However, If there are perks it doesn’t mean there will be no cons. Majority of the online streaming apps available on the internet are fake and they are developed for one purpose, inject malware. There is no rocket science required to find which app is fake, these con apps will ask for such permissions which will make no sense. Here is an example, why would a streaming app require contacts permission?

Thus, if there is good there is bad. You cannot deny this fact, this is why we always recommend our users to download Android apps from reliable sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Store. Moreover, if you have downloaded an app from a third-party source, do not give permission which makes you uncomfortable.

As you all know, Techbeasts Team always provides you with the best there is. So Today, we are here with the Top Free Live Sports Streaming Apps to Watch Live Sports. We have tested all the apps and after using them, we are sharing it with you people.

These are the best free Live Sports TV Apps for Android. Now enjoy live sports on your smartphones without paying any fee or charges.

Top Free Live Sports Streaming Apps:

Sports is the best entertainment in every sort. The excitement, the adrenaline rush, and the goosebumps while your favorite team or player is playing.

LiveNet TV:

These best online streaming app for Android devices. LiveNetTV allows you to watch popular Live TV channels, Sports, Movies and TV Shows. Moreover, this app host more than 700+ Channels.

You can watch all the live TV shows and movies from around the world. Most of the content hosted on LiveNetTV is from UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries. You’ll get a vast library of live streams.

Download LiveNet TV
You can download LiveNet TV APK from Here

Show Sport TV:

If you are looking for a dedicated sports app then you should go for Show Sports TV app. This app is developed for only sports fans. You will be able to watch live sports on different channels from around the world.

Moreover, for some reasons you cannot use the Show Sports TV app, you can always go for the Show Sports TV Web version. However, the only downside of their Web is that it contains annoying Ads. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong. But one thing I like to add, you will be surprised to know that, their app has no Ads and it runs smoothly.

★: beIN Sports, Sky Sports, Star Sports, Sony Ten, Fox Sports, BT Sports, AD Sports, WWE Network, Sports Net, Sports Klub.

We’ll recommend this app for all sports lover, you will stream in HD quality. Also, they have a chat feature to share your thoughts on games and they have their own built-in video player.

Download Show Sports TV
You can download Show Sports TV APK from Here


t is the best free video streaming app you can get for smartphones. Mobdro has a very elegant yet very user-friendly interface. Once you have installed Mobdro on your Android device. There is no rocket science to use it. Every medium is categorized, you can easily stream news, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Games, and so much more.

There is an all channels option, which you can use to browse all the channels that are provided on Mobdro. But we would suggest to you that it’s better to go with categories. It will be more easy to navigate because when you go with the categories, you’ll get all the content from a single genre.

Now if you are wondering how you can access a video stream from any channel. It is very simple, launch Mobdro, head over to the categories -> Tap on the desired category -> you’ll be presented with a list -> browser through the list and when you find the desired one -> Just Tap on it to start the free stream.

Download Mobdro
You can download Mobdro APK from Here

Sony LIV:

Sony has created a perfect app for those who love to stream online. Not only, Sony LIV allows you to watch live sports online, but they also provided Indian TV content.

As may you all know, Sony has the broadcasting rights of all the premium sports and channels. Sony LIV is a Free Live Sports Streaming App but all the streams are delayed by 5 minutes. So if you don’t want to wait for 5 minutes, you can buy a subscription.

This app is designed for Indian users, so in order to use it outside India, you will require a VPN. You will enjoy all the sports action in HD quality.

★: Cricket, UEFA, La Liga, EPL, WWE, FIFA World Cup, Copa América, The FA Cup, Italian Serie A, The Rugby Championship, Super Rugby, NFL, NBA, The Masters, PGA Championship.
Download Sony LIV
You can download Sony LIV APK from Here

Sports Angel:

As the name suggests it all, a Free Live Sports Streaming App. You can enjoy watching Soccer, Cricket, Racing, Basketball and so much more. One thing that is unique in Sports Angel, they have some top rated sports channels from Europe and North America.

This app is totally free but it contains Ads, the interface is user-friendly with a simple navigation system. While streaming you will have the option to change the video resolutions.

Sports Angel supports Fire TV & Android TV, that means you will be able to Install Sports Angel on all smart TV’s. If you want to watch the live streaming of Europe and North America channels, Download Sports Angel.

★: ESPN, Sky Sports, Euro Sport, MUTV, Sky Sports, Fox Sports.
Download Sports Angel
You can download Sports Angel APK from Here

Genius Stream:

If you are looking for a Live Sports Streaming Apps along with the free online movie streaming. Genius Stream should be your first choice, this app allows you to watch Live TV, sports, movies, from the popular channels of UK, US, France.

All the content provided in the Genius Stream app is in HD. They provide you free streaming of UK, US, France, India and other European, Asian channels for free.

Download Genius Stream
You can download Genius Stream APK from Here

RD Sports:

RD sports is a free Android streaming app for those who love to watch NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. You will be able to watch all the live games of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB in HD. This app has a user-friendly interface with simple navigation.

Download RD sports
You can download RD sports APK from Here

Swift Streamz:

A media streaming application making it really easy for Android users to access TV and Radio channels right on their smartphones. Swift Stream brings channels from various countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. The application utilizes minimum mobile data and works smoothly on your phone.

It doesn’t require any membership or registration at all. Swift Stream is simply an install and uses application. Swift Stream is an absolutely free application.

Download Swift Stream
You can download Swift Stream APK from Here

HD Streamz:

HD Streamz houses over a 100 TV channels. The application displays a list of TV channels from a handful of countries. Users can find channels from the USA, UK, Canada, India and many other countries.

The channels include entertainment, sports, knowledge, kids, and many genres. All the channels listed in HD Streamz can be accessed for free.

There are various resolutions available for each channel. Depending on your internet speed, you can decide what resolution you want to load a channel in. Apart from the live TV channels, HD Streamz has some FM Radio channels as well.

This is an extremely useful application especially when you have no TV connection and you want to use your internet to watch the channel. You can quickly load the channels regardless of your location.

Download HD Streamz
You can download HD Streamz APK from Here

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