LG Nexus 4, Install Revolt Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bexan Custom ROM[Guide]

Recently we have posted and Article about installing Android 4.3.1 Revolt ROM on Nexus 7, and now we are posting another one about Revolt ROM but the device is changed to LG Nexus 4, instead of ASUS Nexus 7. Revolt ROM is full of customisation, speed is insane and stability is still far batter than a Stock Android 4.4 Kit-Kat. Revolt ROM will give you the power to gain access to full control of your device.f you are interested in other ROMs, you can visit our Custom ROM section Or You can update your Nexus 4 to Revolt Android 4.3.1 by following our Tutorial. Make sure to read the full article before trying it on your device.


But why would anyone goes for a Custom ROM instead of staying on the Stock On, allow me to explain. “Stock and Official ROMs are good, but they are created with keeping in mind the demands of all,some wants performance and some wants speed, some wants looks, some wants features. Putting them all in one ROM can cause Lag, Performance issues and bugs. But Custom ROM in basically designed for either Looks or Performance and Custom ROM gives speed and great performance with Tweaks and System Tools.”

In this Article,  we will show you How To Install Revolt Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Custom ROM On Nexus 4.But before we begin, Make sure:

  1. That you have a Well Charged battery.
  2. Back-up all your important ContactsCall Logs & Messages.It is highly recommended in case of any mishap or data loss to back up all your important data.


The methods involved in flashing custom roms and rooting your phone is highly custom and may result in bricking your device,and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturers which is ASUS in our case. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility

Important things:

  • Your Device must be Rooted and Latest Custom Recovery must be installed on it.
  • Enable USB debugging mode.
  • Make sure that battery level is at 85% or more.
  • This Tutorial is Only For Nexus 4.

Features OF Revolt Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean:

  • Features from Paranoid Android:

Pie UI
Hybrid Settings

Features from AOKP:

  • General UI

StatusBar & Navigaion Bar Transparency
Custom BootAnimation
Option to Disable BootAnimation
Custom Carrier Label
Notification Background
Notification Count
Option to Vibrate on expanding a Notification
Control StatusBar brightness slider
Hidden StatusBar Pull-Down
Option to hide/show IME Switcher
Allow 180-degree Rotation
Allow 270-degree Rotation
Wake up on charging
CRT Effect Controlling system
Kill-All Button in Recents Menu
Recents RAM Bar

  • Lockscreen

Control Locscreen Text color
Lockscreen Battery Percentage
Control Lockscreen Rotation
Volume music controls
Wake device via Volume Rocker
Control Amount & allowed Widgets
Use Widget Carousel
Lockscreen Shortcuts on ring

  • Power Menu

Option to add Screenshot button in power menu
Option to add Torch button in power menu
Option to add Airplane more in power menu
Option to add Volume States in Power menu
Option to add button giving option to hide both SystemBAR and Navigation Bar
Option to control whether Reboot is shown on Lockscreen or not

  • Navigation Bar

Control Menu Button Location on Navigation Bar
Control Buttons Visibility
Add Arrow Keys while typing
Control Button Colors
Control Glow Color when button pressed
Hidden Navigation Bar
Widgets on Navigation Bar
Add extra buttons on Navigation Bar

  • Navigation Ring

Option to add up to 5 Navigation Rings
Control extra options on Longpress

  • Ribbons

Add Shortcuts for various apps, functions on Lockscreen, Left/Right on swipe, Quick Settings Panel, Notifications Panel

  • Toggles

Control Amount of toggles enabled
Extra Toggles like StayAwake, Pie Enabling, Sleep and more
Control their size
Control amount of Toggles in one line
Fast Toggle
Custom Toggle
Toggling between Traditional, Scrollable or Tiles

  • Battery

Battery Icon only
Battery Icon Text only
Battery Icon with Text
Battery Icon with Centered Text
Special CircleMOD
Don’t Show battery
BatteryBar on SystemBar or navigation Bar

  • Clock

Control Clock Color in Status Bar
AM/PM Style
Day of the week
Clock Short Click , Long click and double click options
Centered Clock

  • Signal

Signal Indicator Style
Signal Indicator Color
WiFi Signal Indicator Style
WiFi Signal Indicator Color
GingerBread Style Signal Cluster
Hide Signal bard

  • LED

Control LED Color
Control Duration and when to light on

  • Sound

Volume Panel
Frequency of Notification Sounds
Headphone plugged-in action
Phone Call silence
Face down audio mode

  • ReVolt Features

Dark ReVolt (Thanks To SlimROMs)
Font Size Controlling system
Expanded Desktop
Lockscreen Shortcuts (Thanks to ParanoidAndroid)
Enhanced Screen Security Features
cLock by CyanogenMod
Notification shortcuts (by SlimRoms)
PowerWidget (by CM)
DPI Controlling System
Camera Shutter sound controlling
CyanogenMod Profiles
Open-Sourced SuperUser (by Koush)

All Read and ready to Install Android 4.3.1 Revolt-ROM On Nexus 4. Let’s head towards the Next page to find out How.

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