iPhone VSCO Cam Is Now Available For Andorid.

One thing we all have to admit that, despite coming near the DSLRs is seemingly impossible to Mobile Camera, yet they are becoming a serious Threat to Point-to-shoot cameras. Most people don’t even bother to buy an expensive camera, for they are not easy to hold and carry, instead they go after a Smartphone with a good camera. While there are many Camera applications available for both Android and iPhone, users don’t have any sort of problem with different modes of cameras. Even a Native camera app have advance features like Exposure control, ISO and Panoramic image.


As Far the Applications are concerned, Fast Burst Pro allows you to take up-to 200 photos with Zero lag shutter, Time Lapse Pro allows you to create a professional time Lapse and now iOS exclusive Camera app VSCO is available for Android, it might not be a very great in terms of Camera options, but its Image Editor is fill with amazing features. Its interface allows you to directly access Gallery from Camera and you can even import your own pictures to the VSCO Gallery, once imported, you can Flag them, Tag them and Upload them to Social Media Sites like Twitter or Facebook.


VSCO Editor offers different filters, that allows you to control all the nitty gritty details like Exposure, Temperature, Crop, Contrast and other things. Tapping the Arrow button on bottom allows you to navigate between all the filters. If you want to avail the services of VSCO, sign up with the services first and verify your E-Mail, after which you can create your Profile and start uploading photos all from within the App.


After you have created your Profile and activated your account, VSCO will let you create your very own Grid. The Grid allows you to specify a Custom Sub domain of your Choice, which can be Seen by others Via Computer Browser.

Download VSCO Fro Android

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