iOS 7.1 Beta 1 For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – Download Here.


The is the fresh news, iOS 7 Beta 1 is now live for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4 and 4s, iPod Touch, iPad 2 and up on the iOS dev Center along with a new beta for Apple TV 2nd and 3nd gen. Apple is really squishy about releasing the full detail about the Changes in the updated version of iOS, users have to crawl the whole thing themselves. Developers on the other hands have a lot to of changes and additions to grip with. An important fix surrounding HTTP request has been fulfilled in this beta and some amendments within the CoreText framework has been made to give Developers to put advance techniques in their Third Party apps.


As with the most Beta launches, Apple has a number of known issues, even a simple Fix can give a lot of ease to the user. The current issue is that 32-bit apps are running on 64-bit hardware installed in iPhone 5s and iPad Air along with iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display. Apple is also aware about the Bluetooth issue in the running beta.


iOS 7.1 Beta 1 has been pushed out for developers today, follows the public release of iOS 7.0.4, that brings a lot of optimizations, stability improvements and important security Fixes. You need to be a member at iSO Dev Center to download this file. Go to to start downloading iOS 7.1 beta 1 if you are already a member, otherwise visit to start the Sign-up procedure.