How to install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy Android 10


Take a look at this guide to install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy Android 10 phone. You can download Samsung Good Lock 2020 on all Galaxy phones regardless of your region.

install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
The app with its modules.

Before you install the Good Lock 2020 app, let me give you its brief overview.

Good Lock 2020

Good Lock is Samsung’s UI customization app. Samsung first launched this app back in 2016. Since then, Samsung has been refreshing this app every year with new UI features. The purpose of this app is to test the features that the company wants to introduce in future versions of its UI. At the moment, Samsung’s latest UI is the One UI 2. Some of the One UI 2 features were a part of the Good Lock 2019 application. Samsung closely listens to the feedback provided by the users and introduces the most wanted features in its upcoming UI.

The purpose of Good Lock 2020 will be to find out the best features that the company can introduce in its future UI updates. These features will likely be a part of Samsung’s One UI 3 or whatever UI it launches with the Android 11 update.

Now the Good Lock app itself is like a control center. It’s a dashboard that lists all the plugins. You can control each plugin after its installation through the Good Lock app.

Some of the most popular plugins/addons of the Good Lock app include the Nice Shot, QuickStar, Lock Star, Task Changer, MultiStar, EdgeLighting, and Sound Assistant. With the new Good Lock 2020, Samsung has introduced a new module named Theme Park. The purpose of Theme Park is to give the users full control over the theme modification of the phone.

To learn everything about the Good Lock 2020 and also see its Changelog, check this out. 

Good Lock 2020 Installation Problem

Good Lock 2020 is not easy to install and that is exactly why you need this guide. The problem with Good Lock is that it’s available in 5 countries only out of which 2 countries are the USA and Canada. If you want to install the Good Lock app outside those 5 countries, you will have to opt for a manual installation method which is what you are about to see here.

install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
Good Lock app with error.

If you try to look for the Good Lock 2020 app in the Galaxy Store, you will find nothing. Even if you try to open it via its direct link, you will get the error about the app not being available in your region. Now that you are on this page, you have probably made your mind to install it manually, so let’s take a look at the steps without any further ado.

Nicelock – Good Lock’s alternative

So basically, we will be installing another application named Nice Lock. It’s a replacement for the Good Lock app built by Blue Horizon Apps. Nice Lock is as good as the Good Lock app. With the Nice Lock, you will not really be able to feel the difference. Above all, it’s a completely safe and sound application to use and it’s already got over 100K downloads. 

The day the Good Lock 2020 app came out, NiceLock was updated at the same time to work with the Android 10 powered devices. Once you install the Nice Lock 2020 app, we can begin installing the Good Lock 2020 plugins/add-ons manually.

Install Good Lock 2020 [NiceLock]

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, open the Play Store.
  2. Look for the NiceLock app in the store now.
  3. As you find the application, install it.
  4. After installation, open the app, you will find a list of modules to be installed.
install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
NiceLock running as good as Good Lock.

Alternatively, you can download the NiceLock 2020 APK and install it manually. This is for the users who cannot find the NiceLock app in the Play Store.

Download Good Lock 2020 Modules: Theme Park, NotiStar, Nice Shot, Task Changer & More

Install Samsung Good Lock 2020 Modules/Addons/Plugins

  1. Copy the downloaded module to your phone’s internal storage.
  2. Now open the File Manager and go to the location where you copied the modules.
  3. Install the modules you want, just like a normal APK file.
  4. Now open the NiceLock application from the app drawer.
  5. Open the module that you just installed and set it up. That’s all.
install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
installing Good Lock apps.

On my Galaxy S10 Plus, I installed some of the available Good Lock 2020 modules. You can take a look at the Theme Park app first.

install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
The new Samsung Theme Park.

Also, I installed Task Changer. Here is how the Task Changer works.

install Good Lock 2020 on any Samsung Galaxy
Task Changer with a few samples.


Depending on your personal preference, you can install/uninstall the Good Lock 2020 modules. Some of the modules are absolutely worth it. For example, you must give the Theme Park, NiceShot, Task Changer, and Sound Assistant a try. If you have any questions related to the Good Lock app or any of its plugins, feel free to drop them in the comment section down below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I just follwed the same things here you said. But still when i download those modules/Addons the are not downloading. And phone is showing like app not installed.
    I would be happy if you reply to my problem, and i am using samsung galaxy M20. I have been try to rownload goodlock from various sources from the past 2 weeks. And i am becoming more and more desparate to download and use it.

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