Install Free Zooroom for PC – Windows 10, Mac


Download the Zooroom app on PC and start your chat group with friends over a link. The app is free and lets you add up to 12 people in a group.

Zooroom for Mac

NOTE: We are not associated with the makers of Zooroom. The full credit for this application goes to its original developers. We are only providing a guide to the Zooroom users in order to install this application on their computer via an Android emulator, which is an absolutely safe and right method. In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page. 

Why do you need the Zooroom PC app?

Because all of the best video chat apps are free, you shouldn’t fear trying each one out if you’d like. There’s absolutely no risk involved. But if you want to know where to start, the best advice is to take stock of what you need this app for. If you’re just looking to chat on your phone alone, Duo, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger will suffice.

However, if you and your friends use a number of devices to connect — phones, tablets, computers, and so on — or your need is more professional or collaborative, we recommend leaning toward Zoom, Skype, or Discord. These apps are available on every platform, and even though some of them offer paid tiers, you likely won’t need to use them. The free versions are feature-rich, to begin with.

What will the app offer

Zooroom for PC is another one of the lesser-known video chat apps. However, it’s actually pretty decent. You’ll be able to theme your app as you please. Additionally, you can do things like doodle while in a video call to add a bit of fun to the proceedings.

It also features group chats, encryption, and cross-platform support. It’s a decent alternative to something like Google Duo where video calls are the primary feature. However, we don’t see it competing too favorably with a chat app that also has video chat features. The app is free to download and use. The in-app purchases are for things like themes and other personalization perks. They don’t affect functionality, really.

Some Concerns

Some users have faced the problems with the link. They cannot enter the chatroom from the link shared with them. or there are some instances where the voice have echoed in the chat rooms or they get disconnected continuously.

How to Install Zooroom app on Windows and Mac

  1. to begin, Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC
  2. Now finish the installation process of the emulator, which is quite easy to follow like most of the software
  3. Open the emulator, at its first start it will take some time to configure files.
  4. Look for the PlayStore app as it is already installed on the emulator, you can see the app icon on the home screen click on it to open.
  5. Log In using your Google ID
  6. Search for the Zooroom app and click on the install button to complete the download.

You can also download the app on your Smartphone from the PlayStore LINK

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