Instagram vs Instagram lite: What’s the difference?


Instagram vs Instagram lite: What’s the difference? GO ahead, read this detailed article about the comparison of Instagram with its Lite version.

In the past years, the owners Facebook has launched a platform to share all your photos and videos called ‘Instagram’. With time it managed to gain a lot of popularity and came up of with a lot exciting feature that we might have dreamed of back then. Honest opinions say that it is the only exciting social networking platform left.

Instagram vs Instagram lite

With the verge of the launching of the skinnier version of facebook like facebook lite, Instagram also turns down the low configured applications for the phones having a low specification called Instagram lite.

This post will clear the idea of what you are getting and what are you missing out in this version of the application.

Basic Interface

  • First thing first, as the prime motive of every other lite version of an application is to reduce the usage of memory and use of effective data connectivity.
  • Instagram uses around less than 500KB of the memory space and works flawlessly even in poor network connectivity too. While the main app consumes a big chunk of memory which is more than a hundred megabytes and can be seen struggling to load the posts when encounters low connectivity.
  • The unforgettable part of Instagram is its stories. No doubt on the rumors about the snap chats copied feature but has worked out more efficiently for Instagram. So this feature remains equal in both the apps. So you can see the posted stories of the one you are following and the one who is having an open account.
  • Both the versions have the same activity feed. No difference can be seen in the font size or quality of the photos. Just like the main application you can flawlessly check the activity feed about your posted photos and so.
  • Instagram lite doesn’t provide a wider window to manipulate your photos. Since it has a limited edit window consisting of resizing and crop options only, unlike the main version that provided more options.
  • Another shocking feature which is missing in the lite version is you will not find the DMs. You seriously can’t send text messages to anyone in this. This feature can be a major drawback of this version.

But the developers have promised to walk through this loophole in the mere future. With few or more upcoming updates. Since it has been currently active in Mexico only and is yet to be launch in other countries.

Media Interface

  • No videos autoplay feature is available in this version like the main app use to keep playing the same video, again and again, you have scrolled up.
  • It allows you to post photos in your feed with some restrictions. You are allowed to post a limited amount of photos. The option to post videos is yet to come in Instagram lite.
  • You cannot share the post with other platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook and so on. The moment you tap those three dots, it will flash window with some basic options only, nothing fancy to show.
  • In the actual application, you were given the provision to see the featured stories of the accounts those you liked your posts just buy one tap on their bubble. This feature is also not available in the lite version.
  • The discover window of the main application is classy and so well classified and is well organized. You will find different categories of your searches, from the post, peoples to hashtags. This is all clubbed under one menu in the lite version and the interface also looks so outdated and boring also.


Since there’s not much in the treasure chest of the lite version application to outshine the main one but anyhow it’s faster than the that and uses fewer data and memory. And remaining about all those missing features, it’s promised that it will be overcome in the mere future.


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