How to Update Huawei P8 B317 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Android 6.0 Marshmallow, despite all its problems and issues, is getting quite a lot of popularity among the users along with patience of theirs too. One of the worst issue that anyone will experience on this latest version is either the Slow Charging or fast battery drain. But apart form these issues, the performance, speed and everything else is smooth as butter. You’ll see considerable difference in Lollipop and Marshmallow, although if you still are not sure whether this update will be stable or not, you can wait a little longer for any further update and then try it. But if you can’t wait anymore, the update is here and if you haven’t received it yet, get ready to manually update your device.

How to Update Huawei P8 B317 to Android 6.0 Marshmallowjpg

Huawei P8 B317 has start receiving the Marshamallow update over the air and those who have received it and still roaming in this article, do let us know about your thoughts.Huawei is rolling out the Marshmallow update to P8 in Europe only with GRA-L09 product code, only this variant users will receive the OTA update. Rest of the users follow this guide and update the device manually. Nothing difficult to do, just some simple steps and a little patience is all it takes.


  • Back-up your data before proceeding.
  • Download OTA Marshmallow: Link
  • Download Full Firmware: Link

How To Update Huawei P8:

  1. Download and Copy the OTA file to your Device.
  2. Rename it to
  3. Create a folder called dload in the root of your Sdcard and Copy the there.
  4. Make Sure that your device updated to the latest firmware i.e B188.
  5. Open the Settings app and tap on Update.
  6. Press Menu button and select local update from the options.
  7. Choose the file and confirm installation.
  8. The rest of the process is automated, so sit back and relax.

Once the process is over, navigate to Settings > About phone to confirm.

via: XDA