How To: Turn off BlinkFeed in Sense 5.5


Sick of Blinkfeed? Why frustrate? Turn it off.

One of the most amazing features that HTC added to its Sense 5 user interface is the BlinkFeed which is a customizable newsfeed or a news reader that has been built on the homescreen.

You see new features are not that easy to introduce, especially when you have them forced on your homescreen and that too when there is no way that you could get rid of it. One way could be installing a new launcher, but people like me will not like doing so too. Oh hey, Wait! I do have another solution.. You could ignore the BlinkFeed in the first place. Okay, now that was lame..


Well, Sense 5.5 does actually have this option that lets you turn off the BlinkFeed. Yes, I’m talking about the sense which debuts on the HTC One Max. In order to turn the BlinkFeed off on sense 5.5 , follow these simple steps:

  1. From the home screen, pinch your fingers together. That’ll take you to the home screen overview.
  2. Tap the BlinkFeed On/Off button in the top left.

Now, I feel it necessary mentioning there actually are people who like BlinkFeed around. After all, it brings you everything that you’re already obsessed with. And even if people don’t use it, they’ll like having it turned on.

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