How to transfer your contacts/message/pictures/music/video from phone to phone


With the rapid growth in the field of technology, we come across new gadgets every now and then. For the sake of staying up to date, we have to get our hands on the latest piece of technology. Staying up to date with the technology does not only add to the growth of knowledge, it is also important to keep to your data safe and sound by keeping it away from all the loopholes and bugs. With every new smartphone or other similar gadget coming out, we get better software and hardware which is definitely much more superior as compared to the past piece of the same. Most of our migrations are from one phone to another. For this reason, we need to make phone to phone transfer.

Every year, we see a new iPhone from Apple and new Galaxy smartphones from Samsung. The same goes for all other smartphone manufacturers. The cellphones coming out year after year are so cool that it’s really hard for users to resist the upgrade. While changing the smartphone, the data transfer is what matters the most. You cannot manage to loose your contacts, sms messages, call logs and data while shifting from one phone to another. Transferring your data manually consumes a lot of time. Many users find it one tough job to shift data from an iPhone to another iPhone or from an Android phone to another Android phone. Using software like iTunes or any other PC suite can become a headache at times.

To deal with the issues mentioned above, we come across the need of a much more efficient and all-in-one tool. This is where MobileTrans can be a good choice to go with. MobileTrans has multiple functions. It can transfer your photos, music, videos, sms messages, contacts between different phones. With MobileTrans, you can easily transfer your data from an iPhone to another iPhone, from iPhone to Android, from Android to iPhone and from Android to Android.

A detailed tutorial of MobileTrans is given on its official website. MobileTrans is a great solution for copying any type of data between your smartphones. It can even backup your WhatsApp data and restore it in another device. You can get it either for Windows or Mac depending on your operating system.

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