How to protect Android from Stagefright MMS virus


Here’s how to protect Android from Stagefright MMS virus, as you have heard it quite a last few days in headlines, that Android security has been compromised. It is said that hacker has developed a new way of hacking an Android device by send an MMS, named as Stagefright. However, in the following guide, I will help you to get rid of Stagefright MMS virus form your Android.

protect Android from stagefright virus

How to protect Android from Stagefright MMS virus:

Step #1: First you have to change your default messaging app. Goto Settings > More under Wireless & networks > tap on Default SMS app.

Step #2: If by default your messaging app is selected as Hangouts, change it to stock messaging app.


Step #3: If you don’t have any other option other than Hangouts, goto Google Play and install a third party messaging app.

Step #4: Open Hangouts and and tap on vertical lines on top right corner, choose settings >SMS >deselect Auto retrieve MMS.

Step #5: On the latest Android flagships by Auto retrieve MMS option is enabled in stock messaging app. Open messages app goto settings > More Settings > Multimedia messages > disable the option to Auto retrieve.

All Done! Now your Android device is protected from Stagefright MMS virus. I would also suggest that install an Antivirus app for your Android device, it also help to protect your device. If you face any issue regarding this guide please do tell me in comments.

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