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Download and join the millions of Players online by Playing Among US on PC. I have compiled for you an article where you will learn about the app. How it is played? and How you can download Among US app on your Windows and Mac PCs?

Among US PC app – The GamePlay

Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting 4–10 players. The Impostors: 1–3 of these players are randomly selected each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. The game can take place on one of three maps:

  • The Skeld (A spaceship)
  • Mira HQ (A headquarters building)
  • Polus (A planet base)


Crewmates are given tasks to complete around the map in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines.


Impostors are given a fake list of tasks in order to blend in with Crewmates and have the ability to sabotage the map’s systems, cross to other rooms using vents, also identify any other Impostors, and kill Crewmates.


If a player dies, they become a ghost; They have the ability to pass through walls, but can only interact with the world in limited ways and are invisible to everyone except other ghosts. All players, aside from ghosts, have a limited cone of vision, only allowing them to see a certain distance around them despite the game’s top-down perspective.

How to Win

  • The Crewmates can win by completing all tasks before being killed or by finding and eliminating all the Impostors;
  • For the Impostors to win, they must kill enough Crewmates such that the number of Impostors is equal to the number of Crewmates or have a sabotage countdown run out;
  • The goal of Ghosts is to help their living teammates by completing tasks and performing sabotages for Crewmate and Impostor ghosts, respectively.

When an Impostor performs sabotage, there is either an immediate consequence (such as all the lights being turned off) or a countdown will begin, and the sabotage must be resolved before it finishes, or else all the Crewmates will die. Sabotages can be resolved by players in varying ways depending on which sabotage is done.

How to Identify The Impostors

If a player finds a dead body, they can report it, which will lead to a group meeting where all other gameplay is halted and players discuss who they believe an Impostor is based on the evidence surrounding the killing. If a plurality vote is reached, the chosen person is ejected from the map and dies.

Players may also call an “emergency meeting” by pressing a button on the map at any time.

How you can Chat with Players

The game is played in a text chat, wherein players can only communicate during meetings, and only if they are alive, although ghosts can speak with each other.

Although the game does not have a built-in voice chat system, it is common for players to use external programs such as Discord while playing. Various customization options to aspects of gameplay, such as vision range and emergency meetings, are available in each game’s lobby. There are also many cosmetic options, including spacesuit colors, skins, hats, and pets, some of which are paid downloadable content.

You Might have Played This Game before or Maybe not?

Among US for PC is and adaptation of the game called Mafia, You might have played it friends on a weekend hangout. There are two group of players, among them some tasks are didvided and on a piece of paper you are told if you are an impostor.

There have been other games as well, Town of Salem in 2014 and Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within in 2016, for example, but both of these just add an online interface for the basic Werewolf rules and depict players sitting in a circle just like you would in person. Among Us adds things to do in between accusations, making it a more active experience and building more tension.

The Popularity

The game has jumped to insane popularity. It’s the third-most-popular video game on Steam, right now. The sudden burst in popularity has caused some server problems for developers Innersloth, a team of three based in Washington.

  • SteamSpy data suggests the game has more than 10 million owners on Steam. Among US app can also be used on your Mobile devices
  • Amoung US for PC recently passed PUBG with 400,000 concurrent users.
  • The game developers have told the users Via a tweet that, “Among Us, servers are filling up again! We’re hitting 1.5 million players online at the same time! We’re slowly getting the hang of things but please bear with us! We’ll get through this.”

Also, one way to check the popularity of a phenomenon are the memes. IF you are seeing the memes of a particular phenomenon, you can clearly say that the thing is popular

Here are some meme for you, regarding Among US for Windows app

How to play with other players

There are public and private rooms you can join. You get the option of choosing between three space shuttles, as well as the number of imposters you want to play with (1, 2, 3).

There are two options of finding rooms: Connecting on a local WiFi or same network, or finding it online, with unknown players.

You can join a public room simply by going to the menu and scrolling through the rooms to pick what room you want to join, or a private room by entering the code shared by the host of the private room with you.

You have to get used to the Lingo

As the game is text-based and not everyone is using external chat software to speak. So most of the time, a player has time to type sentences. So to make the chats short and understandable players use certain specific words.

Everyone communicates in single words, “Who?” as in who died? “Why?” when an emergency meeting is called. “Where?” when a dead body is reported, or “sus” when someone is acting shady. You are only known by your colors – white, red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, cyan, yellow, light green. no matter the decoration or disguise or name, that’s your identity now.

The talk of a Sequel

There were plans by the developers to release a sequel to Among US, But now they have delayed the project. Although the project was announced just a month back, but sighting the popularity of the current version the developers have decided to improve on it.

One of the reasons for a sequel was, the game codebase was outdated and it was not easy for the developers to add new content to the game. Now the developers are working on some improvements and have hinted that there will also be support for color blind people.

How to Install Among US app on Windows and Mac

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. You will have to complete the installation process by following the instructions
  3. Look for the Google PlayStore app on the home screen of the emulator and open it. You can also search for the app in the emulator search bar
  4. Search for the Among US app and Locate it
  5. Click on the install button to get the Among US app on your PC
  6. Now you can access the app from the home screen of the emulator

Play The Game with Steam Engine on your PC

You can also play Among US on your PC by downloading the Steam engine on your PC if you do not already have one. The PC version is available for $2.99.

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