How to install Core GMS on Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones


Chinese Huawei and Honor devices do not have the Google Play Services pre-installed. If you wish to install any Google App on your Chinese Huawei or Honor phone, you will have to manually install that app. Installing Google Apps requires the Google Mobile Services framework to run on. The Google Mobile Services, also known as GMS, is the core package that lays the base for all Google Apps to run on an Android phone. Chinese phones do not have Core GMS. Even if you try to install a Google App manually, it will fail to run because of the absence of Google GMS. So, before installing any Google App like the Play Store or Play Services on your Huawei or Honor Chinese phone, you need to install Core GMS first. This is the guide to download and install Core GMS on Huawei and Honor Chinese phones. 

install Core GMS on Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones
Install Core GMS on Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones

Core GMS – Google Mobile GMS

Google Mobile Services or GMS is a set of applications and APIs that helps Google Apps work across the Android system. Android phones all across the world have GMS pre-installed. Google releases the GMS as a separate package to help custom ROM developers and other users to install it manually. The core GMS can be installed on any Android phone that doesn’t have it. Without the Core GMS, Google Apps will not run.

All the Google Apps including Google Search, YouTube, Google Chrome, Play Store, Play Services, Play Books, and every other application uses the Core GMS to run without errors. Another purpose of GMS is to keep all the applications in sync with each other.

Since the Chinese Huawei and Honor phones do not have the GMS by default, we will install them by using a method given below. Before you install GMS on your Chinese handset, let’s learn why it doesn’t exist in the first place.

Why Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones do not have Core GMS?

In my previous guides, I have discussed this reason for over 5 times. I will just give you a brief idea here. In China, the government controls everything. The Chinese government doesn’t want US based applications to grab the data of its citizens. Chinese authorities do not trust apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, and others. They have banned them altogether and have developed alternatives for everything. Not only that, the Chinese citizens do not have the right to information. Internet censorship in China is too strong to let any good platform run without problems.

Install Core GMS on Huawei and Honor Chinese Phones

There are two GMS solutions available at the moment. We have the GMS Installer and the GMSanzhuangqi. The GMS Installer works on older Huawei and Honor phones that came before the year 2018. The GMSanzhuangqi will work on all phones that came in 2018 and onwards. 

Depending on your phone, download the GMS package from below. After downloading the GMS package, you also need the Google Installer or Google Play Store/Google Play Services. GMS itself is just an architecture. It will not bring the apps to your phone. You will have to install the apps separately later on.

  1. Core GMS – GMS Installer | GMSanzhuangqi
  2. Copy the APK to your phone.
  3. Using a File Manager, open the APK.
  4. If the phone asks for any permission, allow it.
  5. Install the GMS now.
  6. Once done, download the Google Installer and install it to get Play Store or Play Services.

You can also download Play Store and Play Services APK separately.

Wrap Up

That’s all. You should have the Google apps running smoothly on your phone now. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us. The best way to contact us is through the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I DL the GMS installer and opened with file manager and clicked allow for installation. Still it won’s allow me to install. What to do now please….

  2. Same issue: does not allow to install.

    This app may harm your OS. It is not advisable to install it

    Then you have two options:
    1. Search for this app in App Gallery
    2. Cancel

    Any help will be welcome!!


    • Inside “Setting-Security-Privacy” check the option : “Unknown Sources(allow installation of app from unknown sources)” , the exact location of that option in your phone may vary.

      • If you can’t download it because of the message “This app may harm your operation system, it is not advisible to download it”” then do the following:

        1. Go to your phone settings
        2. Select “Security and privacy”
        3. Go to “More settings”
        4. Unable “Check apps from external sources”


  3. Hi, all installs no problem, but Play Store still won’t run. It opens a blank screen which closes after a second. Is there another step I can take?

  4. Looks like the solution is downgrade if not allowed to bstall this apk, but i dont know how to do…could you explain how to downgrade firmware on huawei? Coz no more outways we have….unlocking bootloader already closed for the end user…Lol

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