How To Install Amplify Xposed Module on Android Nougat

A few weeks ago, Xposed Framework officially came out for Android Nougat. This is among the biggest updates for Xposed since it couldn’t officially work with Android Nougat earlier. Even though we have the Android Oreo already there, Xposed for Nougat was missing, this gives us a hint that Xposed has a long way to go for Android Oreo. However, now that Xposed officially is out, all eyes are on the Nougat compatible modules. Before the official update of Xpoxed for Nougat, we had an unofficial version that worked with Android Nougat, but not so many moduleĀ developers updated their modules to work with the Nougat firmware.

After the official update, module developers are gearing up to release their scripts to work on Xposed Framework on Nougat handsets. The most awaited module known as Gravity Box came just a few days after the framework itself. The 2nd most awaited and missing module was Amplify. The good news for Xposed lovers is here now. Amplify has been updated to work with Xposed Framework’s Nougat version as well. If your phone is running short of battery life, it’s time for you to install the Amplify module and make it last a little longer.

Amplify Module for Xposed gives a full control of the wakelocks and alarms on an Android phone. It keeps an eye on the most annoying system wakelocks. If you have Amplify enabled, it will keep an eye on the all the wakelocks and prevent your phone’s battery life from draining. Amplify also controls the alarms on your Android smartphone. Amplify has been updated to work not only with the Android Nougat, it also has theĀ  SELinux support for wakelocks and alarms including all other relevant services now. To optimize the battery of your Android Nougat phone, follow the steps given below to install Amplify Xposed Module on Android Nougat now.

How To Install Amplify Xposed Module on Android Nougat

  1. Download and install Xposed Framework on your phone.
  2. Now using Google Play Store, install the Amplify Battery Extender.
  3. Now open Amplify Battery Extender from the app drawer and start optimizing your phone’s battery.


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