How to fix Remix OS Player Google Play Store not working [Error 936]


Jide has its all-new Remix OS Player out now which is much cooler than the traditional Android emulators. Remix OS Player enables users to play Android games on their Windows PC just like the true Windows supported games. The Remix OS Player looks stunning, has efficient performance and seems to be working with a lot of Android games which are not supported by emulators like BlueStacks, Andy OS and others.

Remix OS Player comes with Google Play Store pre-installed on it. You can instantly grab all your favorite Android games and apps from the Play Store. It doesn’t require you to go through the stuff you are not familiar with. If you own an Android device previously then using Remix OS Player is going to be piece of cake for you.


Google Play Store does not work in the first release of Remix OS Player

Unfortunately, in the first release of the player, Google Play Store isn’t working. Whenever you install or update an application via Google Play Store, the status bar of installation runs and then starts all over again. This works like a loop, the application doesn’t get installed and the progress bar keeps progressing, coming to an end and starting all over again and then it finally results in giving you Error 936.

Jide has fixed this error in an update, but there is a huge number of users sticking to the very first release of Remix OS Player. To avoid the process of installing the latest version of Remix OS Player from scratch, you would want to be able to fix this error in simple steps. Fortunately, a very simple and easy workout has surfaced which fixes this error and makes the Google Play Store work perfectly well once again.

Let’s go ahead now and learn How to fix Remix OS Player Google Play Store not working or the fix the Google Play Store error 936 on Remix OS Player.

How to fix Remix OS Player Google Play Store not working [Error 936]

  1. Open the Remix OS Player installation folder on your computer.
  2. Inside the Remix OS Player folder, press and hold shift key + right click on an empty area on the screen > Open command window here.
  3. Once you have the command window opened in front of you, issue the following commands one by one and hit enter.

remixemu\tools\bin\tune2fs.exe -O extents,uninit_bg remixemu\avd\Remix_OS.avd\userdata-qemu.img

remixemu\tools\bin\e2fsck.exe -y remixemu\avd\Remix_OS.avd\userdata-qemu.img

Start your Remix OS Player after running these commands. Run the Google Play Store and try installing apps now, it should work perfectly fine now. That’s all.

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