How to fix Call of Duty Mobile No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players Issue


Call of Duty Mobile players is blushing out of happiness after getting this much-awaited game. Call of Duty Mobile is definitely worth the hype, but the bugs in the game are killing the excitement of players. The very first bug faced by almost all the COD Mobile Players is the presence of invisible players in the game. Players are unable to use the guns. The names of guns do not appear in the game. They are unable to shoot too. So, in this guide, we will take a look at the steps to fix Call of Duty Mobile No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players issue.

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Invisible Players & Unable to shoot

Call of Duty Mobile – The Craze at its peak

Call of Duty Mobile just took an exit from its alpha stage. The game is in the beta stage now and looks like the alpha-level bugs are still there.

There is a huge positive sentiment about the Call of Duty Mobile at the moment. The game is successfully taking over the PUBG Mobile madness now, and I guess for this very reason, the developers released this game in India first of all. The users who were eager to play this game in the beta stage, they choose Reddit to talk about the problems they were facing. A large number of users reported that they were unable to use the Guns in the game. If they had guns, they were unable to shoot. If they were able to shoot, an invisible opponent shot them from an unknown location. 

Call of Duty Unknown Guns, Shooting Problem – Invisible Players in a Video. Source: Reddit.

After the first post about the No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players, this was confirmed by a dozen of other players. The developers of Call of Duty Mobile were kind enough to take note and recognize this bug. It took 1 day for the developers to come up with a fix.

So, as of writing this guide, the No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players bug has been fixed. If you still can’t use Guns or if someone is acting ghostly in your game, its time to fix. 

Below are the easy steps to fix Call of Duty mobile No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players problem.

Fix Call of Duty Mobile No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players Issue

Time needed: 5 minutes.

These steps will fix the problem for all of you. Before applying this fix, please update COD Mobile to its latest version. Also, close the game and then follow these steps.

  1. Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data

    Pull down the notifications panel and turn off the WiFi and Mobile data on your smartphone.

  2. Open Call of Duty Mobile now.

    While the internet is off, open COD Mobile now. An update error will occur here. Minimize the game. Do not exit, just minimize.

  3. Connect WiFi, and then turn on VPN.

    Turn on WiFi or Mobile Data now. Open the VPN you are using and connect to India. Any other country will not work.

  4. Open Call of Duty Mobile again.

    Now open COD Mobile and let it go through the updates and login process.

  5. Play the game now. You should be able to shoot.

    Start a match and try to shoot. Everything should work perfectly now. That’s all.

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Final Words

That’s all about fixing this problem in COD Mobile. I hope this fix has helped you. If you found it working, make sure that you drop feedback below.

Another thing that I would like to add is, the game is in beta stages and you have to understand how it works. The alpha/beta stages are meant to find out all the possible bugs in the game so that they do not make it to the final build. So, if you find any problem in Call of Duty Mobile, make sure that you report it to the developers to fix it.

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