How to download Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC via BlueStacks


Follow the steps given in this guide to download Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC. Users can install Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC on Windows 10 and macOS.

Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC
Running TOR Browser on my Windows 10 PC


Fire.onion – TOR Browser

When you go after a TOR Browser for you a PC or a smartphone, you will find a multitude of them in the app stores. Fire.onion is one of the best among those. It’s a TOR Browser with the basic features on the horizon. The TOR Browser’s purpose is to defend the users from malicious attacks that happen every now and then on the internet space. If you are someone who takes privacy very, very seriously, you can keep the trackers away with the help of this browser. With the help of its multi-layer encryption, it keeps your fingerprints off from the internet. It means that none of your traces will be left online when you use the internet through the TOR Browser. No history or cookies are recorded when browsed through TOR Browser.

The sole purpose of TOR Browsers is to make your internet activity safe and secure,  and this is what these browsers should be limited to. Especially, when you are using a public WiFi hotspot, you must take your privacy and security seriously.

Installing TOR Browser on PC

That said, we will now move towards the guide to installing the Fire.onion – TOR Browser on PC. We are basically going to install the Android version of this browser on a Windows 10 PC and Mac. This will be done with the help of an Android emulator. You can use an emulator like the BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu or any other, but our recommendation is BlueStacks.

Take a look at the steps to download Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC now.


  1. Android Emulator – Download and install.
  2. Windows 10 PC or Mac
  3. Mouse & Keyboard

Download Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC

These are the simple steps to install and use TOR Browser for PC

  1. Open BlueStacks on your computer.

    On your computer, open the BlueStacks that you just installed. Login into the emulator using your Google Account.

  2. In the BlueStacks, open Play Store.

    Now open Play Store in the emulator and search for TOR Browser.TOR browser for pc

  3. Install TOR Browser from the Play Store.

    Install the TOR Browser from the Play Store search results.Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC on BlueSTacks

  4. Open TOR Browser from Home.

    After installation, open the TOR Browser from the Home of BlueStacks and click on connect.Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC on BlueSTacks

  5. Use TOR Browser inside BlueStacks. That’s all.

    You can now use the browser inside the BlueStacks. Remember that this will not work outside BlueStacks.Fire.onion TOR Browser for PC on BlueSTacks

Final Words

That’s all. You have now successfully installed the TOR Browser on your computer. If you have any questions or queries regarding this installation guide, feel free to drop your comments below.

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