How To Download and Install Proxy Switcher For Windows XP/7/8 For Free.


Internet is becoming popular now a days and with that the chances of threat are getting higher too as the Internet is use to contain a lot of personal data. These days we use our Credit Card to pay the expenses for all the things we purchase online and that is how Internet get the information of our Credit Card which we need to protect for sure. The easiest way to protect yourself is to hide your IP address or you can use a Proxy switcher. You can download and Install Proxy Switcher by following our guide.


There are a lot of features that you can use while running this software, number one is that it will keep your ID private and let no one knows your identity on Internet. If your privacy is critically important to you then you should need this software. Sometimes you can use this Switcher to increase the speed of the Internet, the Software i will show you is only for 15-days trail, try it and you won’t regret buying it.

Proxy Switcher Standard.

This application is a simple and clean tool that will make the task extremely easy for you, you won’t find any difficulty while using this Software. When you will run this Software, you will find the list of working or available servers, you can choose from anyone on it. You ca either choose between Normal Servers or Anonymous Servers to surf anonymously, you can also test servers using this tool.

All of your Activities can be found in History Section, the servers on the list are also provided with deep information like Country Location, Speed etc. Using a different proxy will let you open such sites which are called Un-safe by your country or the ISP, while accessing internet from School or College, this app is your best friend.

Download And Install Proxy Switcher For Windows XP/7/8.

You can download Proxy Switcher from their official site using the Following Link:

Download Proxy Switcher for Windows

As soon as the Downloading is over start the installation and start using this app.


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