How To Delete and/or Forward Messages In iOS 7.

One of the most common question asked after the release of iOS 7 was, How To Delete and Forward multiple messages? Well the way is quite the same but turns are bit steep. The method in iOS 7 is a bit different from previous iOS versions, but still it is easy. When is a conversation in Message app, you want to delete a message or want to forward a message, you simply press and hold the bubble until a pop-up says ‘Copy’ and ‘More’.


Tapping on ‘More’ will give you the option of forward or delete the message, using the buttons located at the bottom of Screen. You can delete or forward multiple messages using the bubbles located on left side of screen. But Keep in mind that while forwarding multiple messages from multiple parties involved in conversations, iOS 7 won’t differentiate them. They will be sent as one bulk of text, without any sense as to who said what.

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