How To Create Windows 8.1 Bootable USB Using An ISO Image


CD/DVD’s are reliable, but they don’t have much lifetime. Most of the time they get damaged, because someone might use them carelessly. If you own a Windows DVD, then I can assume you share it with your Friends and because of that, what usually happens is that they give it back to you, but the DVD is not in a condition to be used again. If you are used to of such situation ,then I think it is time for a change, from DVD to a USB.

ISO images can be used to create a bootable usb drive, you can download the proper ISO images to use them. On the other side, USB drives are always faster than DVDs, and Failure or corruption error while installation is less as compared to DVD or a CD. It doesn’t matter which Windows version you want to install. However, remember that the only way you can use a USB to install a Window is if you use a Bootable drive, so don’t just copy it and think that it is enough for installing the Windows.


How To Create Windows 8.1 Bootable USB Drive:

  • Download the ISO image of Windows 8.1: Link
  • Download and Extract WinUSB Maker,  it won’t need any sort of Installation, all you need is to run .exe file.
  • Run the Tool with Administrative privileges, Right Click the .exe file and Run as Admin.
  • In the tool Select the Option ISO Image Bootable Disk, Normal Detection Mode. Then Browser for the Image you have downloaded earlier.


  • Finally Select the USB Drive, if you have only one plugged in, then it will detect it automatically, otherwise choose the one you want to use. Choose Drive MBR System.
  • Then Click Make it bootable.


  • Now Sit back and Relax and let the Tool do its magic.


  • Now Select USB as Primary Bootable device to install Windows via USB.
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