How To Convert Android Launcher Themes With Theme Converter

Most of the Android Custom Launchers are so customizable, that you can almost change everything on it, users always like to experiments different launchers and different themes supported by launchers and icons pack to get the perfect look, but keeping in mind the Speed and Performance, the real reason why I always switched to a Custom Launcher was because of the Speed and Performance, the only device where I didn’t switched to a Custom Launcher was the Nexus 5, rest of the devices including Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Sky Vega Racer all of them were running Nova Launcher with my most Favourite theme DMC: Devil May Cry. However, there was a problem that I found at that moment. The problem was that one of My Friends were using the GO Launcher and there was no way to install the above mentioned theme on it.

Well today on my way to XDA developers, I cam across something interesting, which might be a part of XDA News by now, yet still not everyone goes for the official pages just like that, especially forums. In my opinion, most users found Forums very complicated and different to explore and understand, where the same people feels very comfortable on other sites. On XDA I found this amazing Theme Converter, which allows you to convert any Launcher themes or Icon Packs. Just Select the Theme, Press the button and Voila! the new theme is ready. Without further ado, let’s continue towards the Support, Installation and Working tutorial.


Currently Theme Converter accepts themes form Following 6 Launchers:

  • ADW Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • dodol Launcher
  • GO Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Solo Launcher


Android Launcher Theme Converter: Link

How To Convert Launcher Themes:


  1. Download and Install the Theme Converter Apk.
  2. Once the Installation is done, Open the app.
  3. Now you’ll see a screen with the names of themes you have installed or downloaded.
  4. If not the Browse and select one.
  5. Once Selected, Tick the “Author Allows me to convert this theme
  6. Press Convert.
  7. Let the app takes its time for conversion.
  8. Once the theme is Converted, it will be an Apk file.
  9. Install the Apk file.
  10. Now Download any other launcher and try the theme for confirmation
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