How to Activate Windows 8.1[Easy Activation Method] Guide


Windows 8.1 has been released from Microsoft and the most demanding thing arrives after the release of Windows new version,is how to activate it, whether legally or illegally. The previous Windows 8 and Windows 7 both have a way to Activate rather than using the original Key, Windows 7 can be activated through Remove WAT and Windows 8 can be activated through KMS Activator. Since Windows 8.1 is also a part of same series and there aren’t much changes made in the new version, you can use the same method to Activate them, we will provide you the whole Tutorial based on Activating Windows 8.1, Through Legal Key and Without Key.


Introduction To Activator:

Windows 8.1 can only be activated through 2 methods, One is by using the Original CD Key and the Second is “Double Click” Method. It doesn’t matter which method you follows in the end your Windows will be activated. When it comes to activation, using the Original CD Key is the best option because there is no harm in it, but CD key can only be downloaded through the Microsoft Official Site on the Time of Purchasing the Window, or if you purchase the Original Copy of Window from a Store you can see the Key at the Back of Copy. But if you don’t have any CD Key, you can go for the Second Method, it is simple and harmful, but still risky.


Activating Windows through any Third Party Software is always Risky and not recommended under normal circumstances, you can try it on your own and free will but if anything happen to your Windows, we are not responsible for any sort of damage. One thing is for sure that if anything happen it will happen to your Windows and Windows Only, there is no chance of any Hardware Damage.

Step 1: Activating Through Original License Key


  1. On the Desktop, move your Cursor to the Bottom Left corner to pop-up the Start menu.
  2. In the Menu, Search for cmd and press enter.
  3. Once the Command Prompt is open, Type slui 3.
  4. That will take you to the Windows Activation panel and within the Product Key, enter the Product License Key and Click Activate.
  5. That is it, your Windows 8 is now Activated.