How To Configure My Files App On Samsung Galaxy Devices


The My Files application has been around on every galaxy device for quite some time now. With the really stone-age release of Android 4.1, Samsung was proud to showcase its latest and greatest features. However, the My Files application has been over looked since. What if it had some serious amounts of customizability powers, and it surely does.Today, we’ve gathered the top 3 things you can do to Configure My Files App On Samsung Galaxy Devices.

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Searching A File/Folder Quickly:

In case you missed it, there always has been a search button in the My Files application on your Samsung Galaxy device. This function lets you find the deepest of your files, including images, videos, APKs, random files and many more. Moreover, with GBs of capacity to use from, files sometimes have a tendency to get lost in some folders. This function gets the day’s work narrowed down a lot. So, how do you actually use it? That’s really simple. All you need to do is fire open the application itself, and tap on the capacitive menu button (left to the home key). With the small menu of items, select the one which reads ‘Search’, and then type on the keyword you want to search for.

Assign Custom Directories To Shortcuts:

Shortcuts are everywhere. Even the term has narrowed down our talk of speaking about something huge and complicated. Did you know that your Galaxy device offers you an amazing function wherein you can assign the most used folder/sub-folder/directory path to the default media folder icons so that you can access your files easily and quickly. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First Tap on the menu button (left) and select Settings.
  • You will see a few settings options and some other directory-related path settings.
  • Tap on “Set Image Directory”.
  • Now navigate to the folder/sub-folder that contains image files.
  • Tap the target folder/sub-folder and then select Done from the top right corner.
  • See? This is simple.

Add Shortcut Directories:

One such similar feature allows you to actually create a full-on shortcut folder to a directory you choose to have. Many people have hundreds and thousands of APK files just lying around, and they occasionally need a specific place to keep them all. That’s where this feature comes in. Open My Files app, tap on menu button and select “Add Shortcut”. Now assign your desired name to the new shortcut directory, navigate to the folder that has the target files and choose Done from the top bar. That’s it for our picks of the top 3 things you can do to Configure My Files App On Samsung Galaxy Devices. If you think our guide has helped you, feel free to leave down a comment and stay tuned for more crispy content as such.

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