Heroes of Warland for PC – Windows and Mac


Heroes of Warland is a PvP FPS Action game by Nitro Games Oyj. From the very first look, one can assume that it is just another FPS game where you have to pick up the weapons and shoot your enemies. However, the actual game has a whole new concept, a whole new plot to offer.

Heroes of Warland – Overview

In this game, the players first have to build a team. To build a team, they will first jump into the battle arena to see who the enemy is. Players will start taking their enemies down in order to attract the heroes in their team. As they show their skills in the battle arena, they will be able to invite heroes to join their team. All the heroes will have their unique powers and skills. They will all be equipped with different weapons meant for different purposes. After recruiting enough number of heroes, you will be in a better position against the enemies.Heroes of Warland for PC

The action in Heroes of Warland takes place in an abandoned area which is now occupied by the enemies. This area has abandoned shops, buildings, vehicles, and many other such places where the enemies can easily hide. The game is full of so many interesting locations with interesting views. When you jump into the battlefield, you have to be very careful with your movements. Lead your heroes carefully as you cannot risk anyone’s life here.Heroes of Warland for PC

As you make progress in the game, you will unlock the hero cards. These cards will help you to manage your heroes. All the upgrades will be performed using these cards. The cards will be used to launch your heroes while the war is going on. Everything that you want to do with your heroes will be done using these cards so do not ignore them at any point in the game.

Everything from the costumes of your heroes to the weapons and other gear is upgradable in this game. It’s a PvP multiplayer game which means you can join other players online in order to fight with a random team or you can invite other players to join your team.Heroes of Warland for PC

What I personally loved about this game were its graphics. The developers have done a tremendous job in the visual department. The core idea of this game may not be a lot different from the ordinary FPS games, however, its graphics are what make it a completely awesome game to play. Heroes of Warland is actually a console-level game and it is worth playing this game on a computer as well.

Heroes of Warland Features

  • Multiplayer FPS
  • Blitz shooting battles in 3D
  • Collectible Hero Cards
  • Hero Progress and Leveling
  • Global Tournament System.
  • Battle Rewards.
  • Adjustable Controls.
  • Refined Hero Roles and Weapons.

Download Heroes of Warland for PC

As I mentioned earlier, this game has got impressive graphics so you can give it a try on your computer. Heroes of Warland can be installed on both the Desktop PCs and Laptops. You can download Heroes of Warland for PC on Windows and Mac-powered computers. To get Heroes of Warland for PC, take a look at the tutorial below.

First of all, you need the BlueStacks running on your computer. Windows users can install the latest BlueStacks 4 and Mac users can install the old BlueStacks for this purpose. After installing BlueStacks, set it up using your Google Account.

Once done, open BlueStacks and then open Google Play Store in it. In the Play Store, search for “Heroes of Warland”. As soon as the game appears in search results, install it. After installation, the game will appear under the “All Apps” tab. Launch the game and follow the on-screen instructions to play it. If you wish, you can customize the BlueStacks controls according to your liking.

That’s all. That’s how easy it was to run this game on your computer. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to reach out to me through the comments section below.

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