Download HD Streamz APK for Android [ 2020 ]


As of January 2020, the latest version of HD Streamz is 3.3.1. You can find the HD Streamz 3.3.1 APK below. Download the HD Streamz 3.3.1 APK for any Android phone.

HD Streamz is an incredible application packing hundreds of TV channels. The HD Streamz application has got a number of channels from a handful of countries. In this application, users can find sports, entertainment, news, knowledge, and many other channels. The application has categorized the channels according to the countries.

HD Streamz brings you the famous TV channels from countries like Bangladesh, USA, Uk, Canda, France, Spain, Qatar, and many more countries. It has got channels for kids as well. If you want to learn something about the lifestyle, you have got a plethora of channels there as well. There are some channels that are available in multiple resolutions. For example, if you want to watch some sport, you can find the channel’s resolution up to 1080P+ which is an extremely high resolution.

Since this application offers you live TV channels, it doesn’t exist in the Play Store. It’s quite obvious why this application is not there in the Play Store. If you want to watch live TV on your Android phone through HD Streamz, you have to install it manually. On an Android phone, installing applications manually is a piece of cake.

HD Streamz is not very popular, it’s a highly underrated application. If you go after finding its APK file for manual installation, you may end up finding nothing. Keeping in view the struggle that it takes to find this neat application, I’ve found its APK that you can download from here. I was recently trying to find a way to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Android when I found the HD Streamz application.

Download HD Streamz APK for Android and follow the instructions given below to install it. The application comes for free. Feel free to install it on any Android handset. Watch your desired Sport or TV show on the go.

Download and install HD Streamz 3.3.1 APK for Android

  1. Latest HD Streamz 3.3.1 APKDownload link.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK to your phone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > Security or Lock Screen & Security > Unknown Source > Allow.
  4. Using a File Manager, locate the copied HD Streamz APK and tap it to start the installation.
  5. After completing the installation, open the HD Streamz application from the app drawer.
  6. Now you will see a list of channels under their countries. Find your desired channel and start watching it.

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