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Here is a complete list of recipes for all Harry Potter Wizards Unite potions. It includes Ingredients, their specific amounts and master notes. You can check out the list below to see exactly what you’re looking for.

SOS Challenges in HPWU and foundables specifically require players to brew potions. This is one of key skills to learn if you’re to become a master in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Whether you’re wondering what ingredients should you collect or what to discard, this list is going to help. You can plan the inventory according to which potions you may need to brew in upcoming challenges.

If you’re new to this game and wondering how to brew potions, then visit this PAGE. It contains all the answers and then some extra info to help out.

harry potter wizards unite potions ingredients master notes


Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potions, Ingredients & Master Notes + Effects & Duration

Here is a brief overview of what this information actually means. The ingredients are the actual materials that you need for a potion’s complete recipe. This includes varying amounts of 4 unique items. 

Master Notes are like cheat codes. If you apply them in correct order, then total brewing time is reduced by 15%. This is especially useful if you’re already getting late for some task or challenge.

The effects of potions describe what a potion does in Wizards Unite game. The duration tells for how long these effects will last. Both of these metrics are very important so that you don’t actually waste potions without knowing what they do. The duration is super important as well since it saves you from wasting time. Or using it at wrong time. We took the help of WUHub to collection this information for you.

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

Below is the information on ingredients for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir along with its effects and master notes.

  • Ingredients – Leaping Toadstool x2 + Frog Brain x1 + Runespoor Egg x1 + Powdered Dragon Claw x1
  • Effects – Get double XP from wizarding challenges, traces and Portkeys.
  • Duration – 30 minutes
  • Brewing Time – 3 hours
  • Master Notes – Clockwise + Pinch-in + Horizontal x2 + Pinch-out + Shake

Wit-Sharpening Potion

Get the exact ingredients for Wit-Sharpening Potion with master notes to reduce brewing time.

  • Ingredients – Ginger Root x4 + Newt Spleen x3 + Ground Scarab Beetles x1 + Armadillo Bile x1
  • Effects – Increase effect or damage done by spells against elite foes by 50%.
  • Duration – 3 Spell casts
  • Brewing Time – 4 hours
  • Master Notes – Pinch-out + Vertical x2 + Multiple Taps

Dawdle Draught

Check out the recipe; ingredients for Dawdle Draught Potion in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

  • Ingredients – Valerian Root x2 + Sopophorous Bean x1 + Butterscotch x1 + Hermit Crab Shell x1
  • Effects – Reduce chances of counfoundables fleeing with foundables. It gives player a better chance to complete trace.
  • Duration – 3 Spell casts
  • Brewing Time – 6 hours
  • Master Notes – Shake + Clockwise + Counter Clockwise x2 + Pinch-in

Exstimulo Potion

Here is all information regarding Exstimulo Potion ingredients, master notes and its use.

  • Ingredients – Bitter Root x1 + Re’em Blood x1 + Snowdrop x1 + Granian Hair x1
  • Effects – Improves spell cast in wizarding challenges and traces.
  • Duration – 3 Spell casts
  • Brewing Time – 2 hours
  • Master Notes – Vertical x2 + Clockwise

Healing Potion

It is one of the most important potions, especially for magizoologists. Therefore, memorize the ingredients of Healing Potion in Harry Potter Wizards Unite here.

  • Ingredients – Wormwood x1 + Bubotuber Pus x3 +  Dittany x2 + Dragon Liver x1
  • Effects – Quickly restores 35% of maximus stamina after taking damage.
  • Duration – Instant
  • Brewing Time – 2 hours
  • Master Notes – Pinch-out + Clockwise + Multiple Taps + Pinch-in

Invigoration Draught

Following are the ingredients for brewing Invigoration Draught. It helps out in wizarding challenges. It’s best to learn more about it.

  • Ingredients – Honeywater x1 + Vervaine Infusion x1 + Scurveygrass x1 + Lovage x2
  • Effects – Grants extra focus for casting strategic spells in wizarding challenges.
  • Duration – Instant
  • Brewing Time – 3 hours
  • Master Notes – Horizontal + Vertical x3 + Pinch-out

Memory Potion

Looking to farm some extra XP? Then learn the ingredients for Memory Potion. 

  • Ingredients – Fairy Wings x3
  • Effects – Gain extra XP from each trace completed.
  • Duration – unknown
  • Brewing Time – 2 hours, 15 minutes
  • Master Notes – Multiple Taps + Pinch-out + Horizontal + Clockwise

Potent Exstimulo Potion

It is super helpful in spell casts and improves your chances of winning difficult battles. Learn the Potent Exstimulo Potion Ingredients for tougher foes.

  • Ingredients – Bitter Root x4 + Snowdrop x6 + Re’em Blood x2 + Abraxan Hair x1
  • Effects – Improve your spell casts for wizarding challenges to super high level.
  • Duration – 5 Spell casts
  • Brewing Time – 8 hours
  • Master Notes – Vertical + Horizontal + Vertical + Counter Clockwise + Clockwise + Counter Clockwise

Strong Exstimulo Potion

It is slightly weaker than its potent variant. However, it is also easier to make. Following are the Strong Exstimulo Potion’s ingredients and other information.

  • Ingredients – Bitter Root x3 + Snowdrop x4 + Re’em Blood x1 + Abraxan Hair x1
  • Effects – Strong improvement in spell casts for traces and wizarding challenges.
  • Duration – 4 Spell casts
  • Brewing Time – 4 hours
  • Master Notes – Vertical x2 + Counter Clockwise + Clockwise

Strong Invigoration Draught

It is much powerful and useful as compared to normal variant of this potion. Below is entire information including Strong Invigoration Potion’s ingredients and Master Notes.

  • Ingredients – Honeywater x1 + Vervain Infusion x1 + Survygrass x1 + 2 Sneezewort x2
  • Effects – Gain 3 focus for strategic spells in wizarding challenges.
  • Duration – instant
  • Brewing Time – 6 hours
  • Master Notes – Horizontal + Vertical x3 + Pinch-out x2

Wideye Potion

Struggling with spell casts? Want to cast masterful spells? Then memorize the ingredients for Wideye potion. It can help beat challenges faster indirectly. You also get more XP.

  • Ingredients – Unknown
  • Effects – Get perfect Spell casts.
  • Duration – instant
  • Brewing Time – 30 minutes
  • Master Notes – Counter Clockwise + Shake + Clockwise x2

All Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potions Information

We have covered the information for all Harry Potter Wizards Unite potions that are in game right now. You can check this information. Moreover, you may keep this page saved and check it out whenever you need to check the ingredients, master spells or any other information of these potions. It is one of the most important tools in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It may be boring, yes. But it’s certainly very handy!

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