How To Bypass FRP on Samsung Devices – Bypass FRP APK

In this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Bypass FRP on All Samsung Devices and also you can download the latest Bypass FRP APK.

Yesterday I got Samsung Galaxy S7 and when I turned it on FRP activation feature was enabled. This means that some Factory reset the device without owner permission. Now Issue was that I can’t even find the Gmail ID of the previous owner in order to contact him. When I was through with all that honesty thing, I started to search for FRP Bypass solutions. It took me a while to find a working solution and now I’ll share it with you guys.

Bypass FRP

Now for those who don’t know about the FRP let me give you an overview and if you are looking for more details you can visit the link at the end of this paragraph. Factory Reset Protection lock was introduced by Samsung in Android 5.1 and the concept was same as an iCloud activation lock. When your device is misplaced or stolen the first thing the person will do is to Factory reset your device by using recovery option or settings. Now once device boots up and he has to go through all the process to set up the device, but he can’t as soon as you connect your device to WiFi or the internet you’ll see a message saying please enter the same id that was used last time. for more details. [ Link ].

* Download FRP Tools Free – 2108 *

How To Bypass FRP on Samsung Devices:

Before moving on you need the following files.

Bypass FRP APK 2018 Info:

File NameFRP Bypass Apk 2018
File Size46.6 KB
File TypeAPK

Bypass FRP:

  • First, Turn on your device and connect it to WiFi and wait for Google Account login Page or FRP Activation page.
  • Download and install Realterm on your Windows PC.
  • Install Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows.
  • Insert a Sim card and connect your device to PC using the USB cable.
  • Right Click on My Computer-> Manage->Modems->Samsung Mobile USB->Modem->Copy Port Number.
  • Open Realterm on your PC, Check Half Duplex->Click on Port Tab->Type in your COM Port Number ( Mine was 8 ) and click Change.
  • Now copy the following code and Click on Send Tab.

At + creg? \ R \ n
Atd1234; \ r \ n

  • Add the first code in the given field and click on ” Send ASCII ” wait for the message as shown below.

FRP Bypass

  • Now copy the second code and paste it the same way you did with the first code. When you run the second code look at your phone screen dialer pop-up will show up.
  • Disconnect the call and Tap on “Create Contact“, Scroll Down and select Scan Business Card->Download. It will take you to the Samsung Store.
  • Log in with your Samsung Account ID ( if you don’t have any please create one to proceed ). Now you don’t need to download the Business card scanner.
  • Tap on search and Type ES File Explorer->Download->Launch it.
  • Tap on 3 line loacted at the top left corner of the screen, Tap on Favorite->Add->Path(>Choimobile->ADD.
  • Head back to Favorite and scroll down, Tap on ChoiMobile. It will take you to the FRP Bypass page.
  • Tap on BypassFRP-1.0.apk but before that, on next page according to your Android OS you have to download Bypass FRP APK and Install it.

Bypass FRP Android

  • Now head back to the download page and tap on BypassFRP_08.2016.apk and install it.
  • Open when installation is completed, you’ll be asked to log in with your Gmail ID. Tap on 3 dots located on top right side of your screen and tap on Browser login.
  • Now login to your Gmail account you wish to use and reboot your device.
  • You have to setup your device as you do when you first time does it and the best thing will be that this time there will be no FRP lock.

This is all.

Download the Latest Bypass FRP APK:

[ Bypass FRP APK ].

How To Bypass FRP on Samsung Devices [ Video Tutorial ]:

learn more:

This will be all, I have successfully Bypass FRP lock using this method, if you face any issue regarding this guide let me know in the comments.

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