Fortnite for PC – Download on Windows and Mac


Fortnite, Fortnite, and Fortnite! It’s Fortnite season and people can’t stop talking about this game. Epic Games have released this game in collaboration with Samsung. The game will be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartphones for about 30 days. Fortnite’s APK has been leaked. Some of the users were able to install this game on non-Samsung smartphones as well. The game has reached the heights of popularity even before its official rollout for Android. While most of the gaming geeks are playing this game on their phones, some are willing to play it on their computers as well. Fortnite’s graphics, animations, gameplay and everything else makes it completely worth playing on the big screen of a computer.

Fortnite for PC

What is Fortnite all about?

Fortnite is a battle royale game. If you have played any of the recently released survival games, you will get the hang of this game quickly. Fortnite matches the likes of PUBG Mobile and Rules of survival. In the game, players have to jump from a plane. They have to land on an area where there are over a 100 other players have already landed or they are about to land. All these players will fight with each other after that. Their mission is to become the last man alive in that area. Players are free to roam inside a particular area. They have to build safe houses or any other kind of protection to protect themselves from enemies. The players are even free to join hands with other players in order to form alliances. All the players are supposed to pick up the weapons to kill other players. It’s a PvP game so you will get a tough time from other real-world players. Fortnite is built out of 3D graphics. I personally loved the graphics of this game and found them better than all other games of the same genre.

Fortnite for PC

The mobile version of Fortnite can be easily installed on a computer. For that purpose, you need BlueStacks or the NoxPlayer on a PC. Follow the steps given in this guide to download, install, and run Fortnite for PC on a desktop PC and Laptop. Fortnite for PC can be played on a Windows or Mac-powered computer.

Fortnite for PC – How to install on Windows

  1. Download, install and setup BlueStacks N on your computer. Mac users can download and install BlueStacks instead.
  2. Now open BlueStacks 3 and then open My Apps tab.
  3. Go to System Apps and open Google Play Store.
  4. Now in the Play Store, search for Fortnite for PC.
  5. As soon as you find the game, install and launch it from My Apps. Follow on-screen instructions to play it using your Mouse and Keyboard now.

Fortnite for PC – How to install on Mac

  1. Download and setup BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Open BlueStacks now and launch Google Play Store in it.
  3. In the Play Store, search for Fortnite for PC.
  4. Install the game and follow on-screen instructions to play Fortnite for PC using Mouse and Keyboard.

That’s all for now. Got any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments box below. Have a good day!

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