Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball V1.2 Apk – Download Here


Flappy Birds Might Have been removed from the Play Store, but it gave other developers a way to take themselves to the top on Android Play store. They all have a chance to create a perfect rival of Flappy Bird, Since there are already many apps who are like Flappy Bird and Word Bird is already in the name, the only way left is to create a game whose gameplay is like Flappy Bird but graphics would be changed and there is no bird instead something else.


It’s look like that there is a game like this available at Google Play Store, a couple of days ago we posted Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball for iOS. Today we are posting the same game for Android, it is a new release and making itself to the top with a huge speed.The game does not features a Bird, instead a creepy head that floats throughout the game. The background is not the same and also the obstacles are not pipes only. The game is a little easy and you will loose only if your head touches the obstacles instead of shoing it away from a little distance like in Flappy Bird.

In Flappy Bird there was a little mistake, you loose the game even if your Bird is a little bit close to the pipes and as you get more and more farther the pipes begin to move and even the amount of pipes increase, the same is here in Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball, the more far you go, the more obstacles will come in your way. Tapping is a little bit improved over the previous games, graphics sucks as always. Obstacles are a Hammer and a huge ballhovering our your head instead of pipes. You can even share your scores over the social networks. Amount of medals are increased too.

How to play

  • Tap to flap your wings to fly.
  • Avoid obstacles.
  • Try to get 7 medals: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Bronze (hard), Silver (very hard), Gold (insane)

How To Install Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Apk.


  1. Allows your device to Install from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security and Tap Unknown Source.
  2. Download Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Apk: LINK


How To Install Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Apk.

  1. Download the Above file.
  2. Connect your Device with PC.
  3. Copy the Apk file to your device.
  4. Disconnect the Device.
  5. Install the Apk like normal and Run Online the First Time.
  6. While installing, if ask for any Installation Process, Choose “Package Installer and if there is a Pop-Up Choose Decline”

If you Have any problems, Feel free to comment in the comment section below