Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 Using Hotfix.


I am pretty sure that most of people out there have witnessed Blue Screen Error, now most of those who recently purchased a high end Computer, or the one who are using Windows 8, they might have probably not witnessing this error anymore. But running Windows 7 on an Average PC can still cause this error. Today we will show you how to fix it. For this problem, Microsoft has given the official update of Hotfix, which can solve this issue. Here is how you can download and install Hotfix.


Fix Blue Screen ErrorĀ Using Hotfix.

  • Open your browser and Follow the Link:
  1. Go to Microsoft support.
  • Locate the Download Hotfix available option and click it.


  • In the next window, type your E-Mail and Security code and Click Request Hotfix.


  • You will receive the Confirmation Message in your E-Mail.
  • After that you can easily get the update of Hotfix and Solve the Blue Screen Error.

Now that was a Standard method released by Microsoft, but there are some other ways that can solve this issue.

1. Scanning for Malware:

Virus and Malwares can cause the Blue Screen error as they consume not only Space but also interrupts the performance. All you need to do is to download any Anti-Virus/Malware Remover Program and Let it scan your Computer.

2. Security Updates:

Microsoft release the Security Patches via Windows update every month, regularly updating these patches can increase the PC Performance and stop the Blue Screen error.

3. Fix Hard-Drive Errors:

This problem can also be caused by Hardware malfunction, your hard disk can play an important role in this thing. What you need to do is to Open My Computer > Right Click any drive and Select Properties. Form Properties, select Tools tab and Click Check Now.

These are some important tips that can help you solving the Blue Screen Error, if you have nay problem, feel free to comment us.

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