FingerLock, Protect Apps in Galaxy Note Edge with this Xposed Module

We have lot of improvements in Fingerlock security in most of the device. At first it was brought by LG, but no one paid much attention towards it. Later on it was available in iPhone 5s, the whole world lost their mind. Although it is not that much secure if you put the Finger Print to lock and unlock the Screen, anyone can unlock it as long as you are asleep or drunk and your finger is exposed. However, when this type of security is given to apps, it brought alot of ease for those, who love to keep their apps locked and safe.

Such feature was seen in iPhone and now thanks to Android Community, we can see such things on Android too. What we are about to present, is exclusively for the Galaxy Note Edge, and works with all the apps. You will select in the Settings, it works just like any App lock protection app and does the job so good, that you’ll never want to use any other App Lock protection app again.


What you’ll need for this to work is a rooted device, cause Xposed Module only works on rooted devices, and then either install the apk file of FingerLock, or just download it from the Play Store. After installing this app, you’ll be prompted to the Screen where you can choose the apps to protect them, in Packages Page. Furthermore, you can choose to lock System apps too or not, it even gives you the transition time, and a Back-up password if your print won’t match. Everything else is up-to you to find out.



Xposed repo

Play Store

Follow the link to see how you can install Xposed Framework and use this Module: Link

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