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Uber is offering its services around the globe, working around 130 cities and in 30 countries. Uber has filled up the space by working as your very own personal driver. It provides you with services that you have never imagined, making your life extremely comfortable. The app helps you to deal with many traffic related issues such as the rush hour traffic, cab services, public transit etc.

Download Uber apk

Uber offers you cab services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The car can accommodate up to four people. Currently, it is operating in Washington D.C, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Paris.

Request a Ride

You can use Uber from your smartphone to signal if you need a ride or to request a ride on demand. They do not make prior reservations, so you can get facilitated on the spot. In order to do so you can use the phone’s GPS and map to guide Uber about your location. You can also use their mobile website to type in the address or send your location through text message at UBR-CAB(827-222) in case you are using it from within Canada or US.

When you look up for your location on Google map while asking for directions, just go to the option ‘Public transport’. The app will automatically update your destination and all you need is to press ‘confirm’. After having done that, you will be notified through text about the expected time for the ride to reach you, and it will be followed by another notification once your ride has arrived.

Download Uber apk

The payment will be cleared through the credit card which should be configured with your mobile. All the payment will be done through credit card and you do not have to pay any cash to the driver. The app is very simply designed and is available in the store for free download.

It will guide you step by step through the whole process; it is easy to use. One amazing thing about the app is that it tells you how much would the ride cost before hand. They will keep you updated about how far is your cab from you.

The people who have used this service have an excellent feedback; the drivers are courteous and well-behaved, no cash is exchanged, the rides are neat and clean,  faster and quite cheap as compared to other cab services. You can even enter the promo codes and get some extra credit which is fun.

Download Uber apk

Now you can reach your destination in a nice comfy ride, which is simple, affordable and reliable. In my opinion, if you are living in a place where Uber operates you should give it a try. After all, nothing is more convenient then getting a ride with a reliable company and having not to wait in lines or make reservations in advance.
It saves time, money and energy!

Download Uber Apk

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