Download Open GApps for Android Pie [All Custom ROMs]

As you go through this guide, you will learn more about GApps and then download Open GApps for Android Pie.


Starting today, the official Open GApps are available for the Android Pie. The official Open GApps will support all the custom ROMs based on Android Pie. Whether you are looking for the GApps package LineageOS 16, Resurrection Remix, OmniROM, Pixel Experience, AOSP ROMs, CDroid, or any other custom ROM based on Android Pie, you will find the Open GApps working on it. The Open GApps have made their way for the x86, ARM, ARM64, and the Android TV Stock devices. As usual, the GApps have made their way in the form of several packages. Users can download the package of their choice or according to their requirement. As you go through this guide, you will learn more about GApps and then download Open GApps for Android Pie.

Open GApps for Android Pie


What are Google GApps?

Custom ROMs are supposed to bloatware free. For this reason, the developers of custom ROMs do not add any application. They don’t even add essential applications like the Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Play Games etc.

To bring such applications in your custom ROM, you have to get the appropriate package of the Google GApps. Back in the day, there used to be only one or two packages of the Google GApps which included all the apps by Google. In fact, back in those days, there used to be only a few Google Applications which were good enough to run your Android phone.

With the growing number of Google applications, the GApps developers started making different Google GApps. The packages now range from a 100 MB to 1 GB in size. The classification of each package is defined to let the users easily pick up their desired GApps file. To understand the Open GApps packages, you can take a look at the table given below.

Application NameAROMASuperStockFullMiniMicroNanoPico
Android Messages *
Chrome Browser*
Cloud Print*
Device Health Services*
Google Apps Device Policy*
Google Calculator*
Google Calendar*
Google Camera*
Google Connectivity Services*
Google Contacts*
Google Desk Clock*
Google Dialer*
Google Docs*
Google Drive*
Google Duo*
Google Earth*
Google Fitness*
Google Indic Keyboard*
Google Japanese Input*
Google Keep*
Google Keyboard*
Google Korean Input*
Google News & Weather*
Google NFC Tags*
Google Now Launcher*
Google Package Installer*
Google Pay*
Google Pinyin Input*
Google Play Books*
Google Play Games*
Google Play Movies & TV*
Google Play Music*
Google News Stand*
Google Play Services*
Google Print Recommendation Service*
Google Search*
Google Sheets*
Google Slides*
Google Storage Manager*
Google Street View*
Google Text-to-Speech*
Google VR Services*
Google Translate*
Google Zhuyin Input*
Google Hangouts*
Google Maps*
Pixel Icons*
Pixel Launcher (replaces stock/AOSP Launcher)*
Photos (replaces stock/AOSP Gallery)*
Project Fi by Google*
[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#190fd9″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”GApps TV Stock” collapse_text=”GApps TV Stock” ]
  • Android TV Customization
  • Android TV Widget
  • Gamepad Pairing Service
  • Global Key Interceptor
  • Landscape Wallpaper
  • Lean back Keyboard
  • Overscan Calibrator
  • Pairing Tutorial
  • Remote Control Service
  • Second Screen Setup
  • Second Screen Setup Auth Bridge
  • TV Voice Input
  • Android TV Launcher
  • Android TV Remote Control
  • Backdrop Daydream
  • The Google Cast Receiver
  • The Google Play Movies & TV
  • Play Music
  • Google Search
  • The Google Webview
  • Live Channels
  • TalkBack
  • TV Recommendations
  • YouTube

Download Open GApps for Android Pie

In order to download the appropriate Google GApps for your phone, you must be aware of what architecture your phone is running on. Here is the guide to identify the correct architecture for Google Gapps.

Assuming that everything about the Open GApps is clear, let us move towards the downloads. Here are all the Google GApps packages for all the custom ROMs running on Android Pie. Download the package of your liking now.

Gapps – ARM – Android Pie

Package Name ARM – Android Pie
AROMA Download
Full Download
Micro Download
Mini Download
Nano Download
Pico Download
Stock Download
Super Download
TV Stock Download

Gapps – ARM64 – Android Pie

Package Name ARM 64 – Android Pie
AROMA Download
Full Download
Micro Download
Mini Download
Nano Download
Pico Download
Stock Download
Super Download
TV Stock Download

How to install Gapps on Android Pie Custom ROMs

  1. Download the Gapps package according to your requirement.
  2. Copy the package into your phone’s internal or external storage.
  3. Boot the phone into TWRP or CWM custom recovery.
  4. Now in the custom recovery, click on Install > Install ZIP > Locate the file.
  5. Swipe the screen to flash now.
  6. Clear the cache and Dalvik cache after flashing Gapps.
  7. Reboot the phone now. All done.


Download Google Gapps for Android 8.1 Oreo | Android 8.0 Oreo | Android 7 Nougat | Android 6 Marshmallow | Android 5.x Lollipop

That’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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