Download Nexus Dock for Windows 10


From here, you can download Nexus Dock for Windows 10. Furthermore, I have also explained how to easily set up Nexus Dock & Icons on your PC.Nexus Dock for windows 10

Nexus Dock

Nexus Dock comes from Winstep technologies. If you are looking forward to replacing your Windows PC’s task bar with something more beautiful and interactive, Nexus Dock is all you need. It takes the Desktop Customisation to a whole new level. If you have ever used a Macbook, you must have noted how icons appear in its dock that sticks to the bottom of the screen. Nexus Dock seems to be providing a similar experience, but of course, with a lot of customisation options.

The Nexus Dock brings a set of basic icons by default. Users will get the Start Menu, Clock, Recycle Bin, CPU Meter, RAM Meter, Weather, Browser, Media Player, and Screen Capture buttons. These buttons will perform the actions that your computer normally does. Remember that the Nexus Dock is just a UI skin, its functionality is pretty basic.

The Dock will impress you at the very first glance, but that’s not it. Clickin on the Nexus button will take you to its options and that’s where the real fun begins. Using the settings, you can change every single element of the dock starting from the icon size to number of icons, an then replacing the icons with your favorite icons.Nexus Dock for windows 10

When you go into the settings of Nexus Dock, the very first option you will find is the Modules Section. This is the section where the pre-installed options/icons of the Nexus Dock appear. You can select what modules you want to display in the Dock. All elements of a particular module can be customised from this menu.

Next is the Position option. You can make the Nexus Dock appear on the top, bottom, left, and right. You can either hide your taskbar or just use the Nexus Dock as an addon like I have done. I am using Nexus Dock on the right side in addition to my Taskbar. 

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The Behaviour of Nexus Dock can be changed too. Whether you want to hide the Nexus Dock when you move the mouse away, or you want it to pop-out or pop-in, all that can be done using the Behaviour settings. You can also change the opening/closing effects of the icons. Nexus Dock produces sounds too and these sounds can be controlled using the Sounds section. The Dock further has a number of pre-loaded themes and you can also make your own themes too.Nexus Dock for windows 10

Nexus Dock is huge and quite overwhelming. The best way to master this incredible piece of UI customisation is to use it and learn it yourself. It’s very easy to understand.

Go ahead, download the Nexus Dock for Windows. I have also written a tutorial to use custom icons with Nexus Dock to give it a more appealing look.

Download Nexus Dock for Windows

Nexus Dock Latest 2020 – Download

  1. Launch Nexus Dock setup on your computer.
  2. Follow on-screen information to finish installation.
  3. After installation, the Nexus Dock will appear on the top of your screen.
  4. Click on the Nexus icon to access its settings.
  5. Follow the next part to set-up Nexus Dock with custom icons now.

Nexus Dock Recommended Settings

  1. Open Nexus Dock settings.
  2. Go to Postition > change the position according to your own liking. Bottom or Right is recommended.
  3. Set Offset Dock settings to 32 px.Nexus Dock for windows 10
  4. Go to Appearance > Set the icon size to 32 if you are using a laptop, set it to 38 – 40 if you are using a big monitor.Nexus Dock for windows 10
  5. Click on Dock Transparency > Set Dock Transparency to 80% and Icon Transparency to 15%.Nexus Dock for windows 10
  6. Go to Effects > Effects settings > Set the magnification size to 40.
  7. Go to Themes and choose any theme you want.
  8. Set the Sound effects according to your own choice.
  9. Go to Tasks and check “Show running apps & combine dock apps with running apps”. Turn on other options as per your preference.
  10. General and Advanced settings are self-explanatory, set them up accordingly.

Nexus Dock Icons

Custom Nexus Dock Icons Pack – Download

  1. Right click on the icons in Nexus Dock one by one and remove them from Dock if you want, leave them there otherwise.
  2. Right clicon on the Nexus icon > Insert New Dock Item > Item.Nexus Dock for windows 10
  3. Now let’s say we want to add Facebook/Instagram/YouTube icons, you will select URL in Item type.Nexus Dock for windows 10
  4. Enter the name in the Label field and enter the URL in the URL field.
  5. Click on change icon and select your desired icon from the icons you downloaded from above.
  6. Click on Ok and the icon will appear in the dock.
  7. To add a software like Chrome/Photoshop/Skype, you will select Program in Icon type, enter the Program name in Label, and .exe filename in the Filename.
  8. Add all icons one by one and set up the Nexus Dock. That’s all.Nexus Dock for windows 10


That’s it for now, but that’s not all. Nexus Dock is huge and it needs futher explanation, but doing so will confuse many users. If you are installing the Nexus Dock on your PC, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. Also, make sure to share your favorite Nexus Dock setup and Nexus Dock pro-tips for other users below. Our team of experts will take care of your queries.

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