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Magisk, the famous systemless interface and root solution has been updated to v14.3. The new version of Magisk brings some exciting features. Magisk has successfully become the primary choice for Android users to root their smartphone. This is because of Magisk’s¬†extended features that put the Android users at maximum ease.

Magisk was developed by XDA Recognised Developer Topjohnwu. The interface is very well maintained and has been receiving consistent updates since the day it was created. In the past few updates, we found notable changes in Magisk. For example, the v14.0 of Magisk made this script installable on Android smartphones without the use of a custom recovery. The v14.1 and v14.2 brought the support for A/B partitioning scheme. At the moment, the A/B partitioning scheme is used on the Google Pixel smartphones, but it will make its way to other smartphones very soon. While Magisk with A/B partitioning support is already there, it will not be an issue to root the phones which are going to get this scheme in near future.

Magisk 14.3 brings some potential changes now. There is a new “Invincible Mode” which takes on the root loss issues. The Invincible Mode will finish all the root loss issues, users will not be facing a rootless phone anymore. The root loss issue occurred due to the pause in working of the Magisk Daemon. The invincible mode is there to ensure that the Magisk Daemon keeps running all the time on the phone preventing a loss in the root access. Magisk has been improved overall in this new update. The module is 100% FOSS and it is eligible to get published on the F-Droid repository as well. It also minimizes bootloops. At the moment, the developer has released a beta version of the Magisk v14.3. If things go smooth, the Magisk v14.3 will be entering the stable stage in the coming few days. You can download Magisk 14.3 from below and flash it on your phone if you wish to root it using Magisk.

Update: Magisk 14.5 is also available now.

Download Magisk v14.3

Download Magisk 14.5

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