Download LG G Pro 2 Stock Wallpapers


LG brought it’s latest device G Pro 2 recently at Mobile World Congress, 2014. Besides all of it’s nice and eye-catching features, LG loaded the Pro 2 with some cool wallpapers that add extra to the charm of its display. These wallpapers actually look stunning on a 5.9 inches full HD screen. You may want to get your device a makeup with these wallpapers and if you’re looking for em’, you’ve spotted the right place then.

We’ve compiled up all the stock wallpapers extracted from the LG G Pro 2 and embedded right here. Just go ahead and pick up your favorite, right click and save it to your PC or else head towards the all in one download link at the bottom.

LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (17)

LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapersLG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (16)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (15)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (12)

LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (9)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (10)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (14)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (13)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (11)

LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (8)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (7)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (6)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (5) LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (1)

LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (2)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (3)LG-G-Pro-2-wallpapers (4)

Download LG G Pro 2 All Stock Wallpapers

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