Download HTC Sync Manager On Your PC


HTC’s tool, the HTC Sync Manager is available to download for PC, and it sports some amazing features such as backing up everything, and automatic sync. HTC Sync Manager for PC allows you to control your HTC device totally using you PC, and we have elaborated some of its main functions down below. Once you start feeling cozy with the numerous features that it holds, follow the link download below to download HTC Sync Manager On Your PC and make the most out of it.


Features Of HTC Sync Manager:

Backup Files (Media, Video, Music):

You can use this amazing tool to quickly snap some of your most important documents, or pictures of your cats, and store them safely on your PC, in case of something were to happen to your device. You can use this mini-tool to backup all types of media, including documents, videos, music, and many more content as such.

Real-Time Sync:

One of the most aspiring features of this tool is the fact that once you connect your HTC device to your PC, the tool automatically tries to sync contacts, and other important documents as such. You can disable this option in the settings, but for optimal performance, it is a must.

Transfer Content from an iPhone to HTC:

How witty! HTC’s tool can even allow an existing iPhone user to switch to a HTC device without a hunch of a problem. You can use this mini-tool to transfer stuff such as contacts, images and videos and more.

Updating Your Device:

Just like Samsung Kies, HTC Sync Manager also lets you easily find for the latest firmware update for your device, and install it safely. This way, you won’t need a WiFi connection, or even put in some efforts to taste the latest of Android.

Download For Windows.  (v3.1.61.0) -130 MB

Download For Mac. (v3.1.72) – 44 MB

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